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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-27 10:00:00

A few weeks ago, you wrote about how AEW is handling the COVID-19 pandemic better than WWE.  Given what we've seen the last few weeks, do you think WWE ever read that article?

I have no idea if they did or not.  If they want to, they can at this link.   I just hope they up their protection of their staff and talents, because if the positives tests are at the level that we have heard from sources, they absolutely have dropped the ball and they cannot continue to put those under their purview at risk.  

Whatever happened to the WWE A&E documentaries that were announced?

We are told they are in production and are still coming down the line.

Did Paul Heyman start booking ECW with the show The Night the Line was Crossed?

No, he booked it but that event took place in February 1994.  Heyman started officially as ECW booker in October 1993.

 On one of the Bruce Prichard podcasts, they discuss that The Outsiders were pushing hard for Bret Hart to be the 3rd member of the NWO as opposed to Hulk Hogan.  I think Prichard said his deal was ending in that time frame. So it makes some sense. Do you know how close Hart was to leaving at that time and imagine how different the wrestling landscape would’ve been. Would Hogan of ever turned heel? What would’ve happened instead of the Montreal Screwjob? So many ripple effects.

That story is 100% accurate.  If you are an Elite member, you can read the complete details in the Wrestling Lariat archives.  In the summer/fall if 1996, Bret Hart's deal was expiring and WCW was making a heavy play for him.  In the end, he decided to stay with WWF and was signed to what was supposed to be a 20 year deal that would see him close his career with the company and then move into a behind the scenes role.  A year later, in September of 1997, the company was losing so much money that Vince McMahon told Bret Hart he could no longer afford the deal and offered him the chance to go negotiate with WCW and see if he could still get the big money offer.  Hart actually got more and made arrangements to leave.  However, Hart's WWF deal stipulated that he had creative control over how he was used the last 30 days of his run and due to his personal issues with Shawn Michaels, was not going to put Michaels over for the belt and felt that losing the belt in Canada wasn't proper either.  So, WWE went with the screwjob....and the rest was history.

Where is Slick today?

He is a pastor for a church in Longview, Texas.

Where's Armando Estrada?

He lives in the Chicago area and occassionally appears for AAW.

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