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By Eric Denton on 2020-06-27 08:09:00

Dave Bautista stars as J.J. a former special ops soldier turned CIA agent. Our story starts with JJ unconvincingly trying to infiltrate Russian arms dealer meeting. He gets called out for having an accent “worse than Mickey Rourke in IRON MAN 2”. JJ humorously dispatches all the bad guys to the chagrin of his boss David Kim (Ken Jeong - Community, The Hangover) and is relieved of undercover duty

We cut to a little girl, Sophie (Chloe Coleman - Big Little Lies)  getting ready for school, but finds herself picked on by the cool kids and wishing she could be home-schooled.

J.J. Is demoted to surveillance duty with Bobbi (Kristen Schaal -  Last Man on Earth, Toy Story 3). They are put in charge of keeping an eye on Sophie, unknowingly the daughter of arms dealer Marquez. Sophie’s mom is unable to take her Ice skating and while she is home alone her phone hooks up to the WiFi that is coming from the supposed empty apartment next door.

Being curious, she enters the apartment and blows JJ and Bobbi’s cover. She records their conversation and threatens to upload it to the cloud unless JJ takes her ice skating. Sophie takes advantage of the situation and tries to set her single mom up with JJ. Sophie and JJ bond and she requests that he and Bobbi teach her how to be a spy. 

Sophie’s father was part of an arms dealing syndicate and was killed. His brother and partner is crime fakes his death in Germany which ends the CIA operation which results in JJ being fired and having to tell Sophie’s mother Kate (Paris’s Fitz-Henley - Luke Cage) about his secret life as an operative sent to spy on them. Witt Kate upset over the secrets JJ and Sophie have been keeping from her she ends their budding relationship. 

Marquez arrives in Chicago to retrieve a flash drive hidden in Sophie’s dogs collar and a heavy action sequences ensues at the climax of the film.

My Spy was a fun film with Bautista showing off his comedy chops previously seen in “Guardians of the Galaxy.”  Coleman and Bautista have terrific chemistry as would-be surrogate parent and child/ spy partners. A entertaining hour and forty minutes that is suitable for family viewing. I

My Spy is available free with an Amazon Prime subscription.


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