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By Richard Trionfo on 2020-06-26 21:57:00

We begin tonight's show with a video package for the Undertaker.

We are at the WWE Performance Center and your announcers are Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

The roster is on the stage and they are chanting 'Thank You Taker'.  

Michael mentions that tonight we will celebrate the Undertaker.  

We go to November 22, 1990 when Undertaker made his debut at the Survivor Series.

We see highlights from the match.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we get comments from John Cena.  He says his legacy is reliability and devotion to the craft.  Roman says he is one of the best performers.  Cena says you can't deny the dedication.  Roman says that you can't do that and not love it.  Cena says that Taker set the bar.  Roman talks about how long he was able to be on top.  Cena says as long as you believe, the Undertaker will be the Undertaker.

We go to Wrestlemania 36 for the Boneyard Match.

Boneyard Match: Undertaker versus AJ Styles

AJ Styles comes in a coffin inside a hearse while Undertaker arrives on his motorcyle.

AJ says he didn't think Taker would show up and he asks if Michelle knows he is out this late.  AJ says he has dug Taker's grave but Taker says AJ dug his own grave.  

Taker punches AJ a few times and he tells AJ to get up.  AJ runs away from Taker and Taker calls him Allen.  Taker with a punch.  Taker sends AJ into the top of the coffin and then into the coffin a few more times.  Taker picks something up and he tries to hit AJ with it against the hearse but Taker cuts his arm when he misses.  AJ with punches but Taker sends AJ into the front window of the hearse.  AJ gets on top of the hearse and Taker follows him.  AJ with a punch and Taker punches back.  Taker punches AJ and he tells AJ never to talk about his wife again.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Edge says that he is the Undertaker to everyone and there is a mood that changes when that first gong hits.  Christian says he remembers being in awe of Taker.  It doesn't matter if he is in the ring or walking into a room.  Edge says he morphed that character to keep the dead man alive.  Bret Hart says Taker always delivered.  Edge says you hear about lightning in a bottle and Taker caught it, for thirty years.

AJ falls off the roof of the hearse.  Taker says he has a lot of more.  AJ tries to run away.  AJ kicks Taker low and then punches Taker.  AJ picks up Taker and carries him to the grave.  AJ with punches and Taker staggers but stays on his feet.  Taker with a punch.  Taker punches Aj and AJ falls into the grave.  Taker asks AJ how does it feel down there.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson says they are just getting started.  Taker walks toward Luke and Karl and a light comes on in a barn and many hooded people show up.  Taker says let's do it and he takes care of them because they attack one at a time.  Anderson and Gallows work over Taker and they kick and punch him.  Taker with elbows and punches to Gallows and Anderson.  Taker kicks Gallows and he picks up a shovel handle and hits Anderson and Gallows with it.  

AJ hits Taker from behind with a gravestone.  AJ asks if Taker has what it takes.  AJ with a punch.  AJ with a kick and more punches.  AJ yells at Taker because he broke his finger.  AJ tells Taker to stay down.  AJ tells Taker to come on and just give up.  He tells Taker to retire already and let him bury Taker.  AJ begs Taker to get up and AJ with a spear through the wall. 

We go to commercial.

We are back with Michael Cole and Corey Graves.  We will return to the Boneyard Match, but Corey sends it to some legends.

Kane says Undertaker is the greatest character in the company.  Ric Flair says he was a home run.  Kane says the character was so unique.  He says you never saw a man his size doing moves like that.  Flair says that you didn't see people his size doing things that he did.  Kane says Undertaker maintained the integrity of the character and added to it.  Flair says he was the best character.  Kane says he was a unique package.  Flair says Taker was the biggest star in the history of the business.

AJ tells Taker he just doesn't have it any more.   AJ says Taker isn't a phenom any more and Taker shows AJ who he thinks is number one.  AJ says he thought Taker was an American Badass, but all he is is a broken down old bitch.  AJ grabs a shovel and he says he is doing the world a favor.

He says he is going to bury Taker right here, right now.  AJ hits Taker in the back with the shovel and is breaks in half.  Taker falls into the grave and he pours the dirt onto Taker.  AJ gets on the tractor and gets ready to pour the dirt into the grave.  

A light shows up behind AJ and it is Taker standing behind him.  Taker grabs AJ and punches him.  Taker punches AJ and AJ starts to run away.  Taker tells AJ he can't run away.  AJ climbs a ladder onto the barn.  Taker says you can run, but you can't hide.  Taker climbs the ladder.  AJ backs up and Taker summons a great light and fire appears behind AJ.  AJ runs into a boot and then Taker punches Gallows and Anderson.  Taker with more punches.  Taker throws Gallows off the roof and then Taker with a tombstone to Anderson on the roof.  

Taker tells AJ it is just them now.  AJ with a punch and he says he had Taker dead and buried.  Taker grabs AJ by the throat and AJ begs for mercy but Taker says this is what you asked for and AJ is choke slammed off the roof.  Taker climbs down the ladder and he walks over to AJ. 

We go to commercial.

We are back and Taker asks AJ if he still wants to talk.  He asks AJ if he remembers his wife's name.  He asks AJ to tell him how old he is and if this will hurt his legacy.  Taker says we aren't done yet.  We are just getting started.  Taker drags AJ and picks him up.  Taker picks up AJ and he says AJ is a lot tougher than he gave him credit for.  AJ says he is sorry and Taker asks what is AJ sorry for.  

Taker grabs AJ by the throat and AJ says he is sorry.  Taker says it was a hell of a fight.  Taker says AJ fought his ass off, so does AJ think he is going to bury him?  Taker hugs AJ and he says a lot of people didn't give him that fight.  Taker walks away and then kicks AJ into the grave.  Taker gets in the tractor and he pours the dirt on AJ.

Winner:  Undertaker

After the match, Taker gets off the tractor and reveals the tombstone for AJ Styles and AJ's hand is coming out of the grave. 

Taker gets on his bike and rides away but he raises his fist and pyro comes from the roof of the barn with his symbol on the side of the barn.

Baron Corbin is in the ring and he has something to say.

Baron says the Undertaker's final match happened to be 30 years after his first match.  Do you know why it was called a Boneyard Match?  Undertaker is an old bag of bones.  He is a shell of what he used to be.  He was supposed to have a storied 30 year career.  Do you know how many years he kissed the ass of a certain family?  There used to be a club called the Kiss My Ass Club.  Taker was the founding member.  A 30 year career.  Nobody does that.  That is impossible unless you are coddled and protected by the owners.

Protected for 30 years.  Taker, you have been stealing money from this company for the last 20 years.  You are a selfish son of a bitch because you have been holding superior athletes like himself for so long.  Now he has to hear these legends pay their respect for the Undertaker.  Then these fools come out and chant 'Thank You Taker'.  Baron says he does not thank Taker.  Baron says Mark Callaway, I want to leave you with one final thought.  You suck.

Jeff Hardy attacks Corbin from behind and Corbin goes to the floor.  Hardy with a drop kick through the ropes.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Steve Austin says he thinks of a guy with all of this mystique.  You knew he would be someone when you meet him.  Kurt Angle says Undertaker evolved as a person and wrestler.  Austin says Taker proved he was one of the toughest.  Angle says Taker was having main event matches and he proved that he was Superman.  Austin says Taker always performed.  Angle says Taker wanted those Wrestlemania moments.  Austin says Taker has had one of the best careers in the business.

Jeff Hardy is walking in the back and he is ambushed and asked about Corbin's comments.

Hardy says Taker has been a mentor and teacher.  Taker would be on Mount Rushmore 4 times if he had his way.  Everyone owes Taker their gratitude.  Hardy says since Taker is not here to answer, he will take it out on Corbin.  He has a degree from Deadman University and he will show what he has learned.

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