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By Dave Scherer on 2020-06-28 10:00:00

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How can anyone say that WWE has handled the COVID-19 crisis better than AEW has?

Well, if they want to lie, that is the only real way I can see someone saying that.  Tony Khan should be commended for how he has handled the crisis.  He was way out in front and did the right thing in testing people from the start.  WWE is playing catch up now and it’s sad to see people testing positive now.

How could Vince McMahon ask people to wrestle each other and not test them for COVID first, as he did for months?

I literally have no idea. I didn’t get it from the start.  Again, props to Tony Khan for taking on the expense of testing from the start and doing what was right for his people.

If you were a WWE wrestler, would AEW look a lot more attractive to you now?

At this point, yes.  One billionaire has shown he cares about his wrestlers.  He’s the one I would want to work for.

Lastly, how smart was Roman Reigns to stay away from WWE?

I have nothing but respect for him.  He put his family first when he didn’t like what he saw happening in WWE.  He did what I would have done.  A person can always make more money.  You can’t get your life back.

I saw accusations from former TNA talent Rhaka Khan that she did an interview with PWInsider recently and the site refused to run it.  What is that about?

Well, it's about something that isn't true.  She brought the site into question last week, making a claim against us that wasn't true.  In reality, no one from PWInsider ever made contact with her, let alone interviewed her.  Some person did, and apparently told her he knew the editor of (which by the way is me) and said he could get the interview on the site.  I don't know the guy at all and know nothing about any interview he did with her.  We do our own interviews here at the site.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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