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By Paul Jordan on 2020-06-26 09:39:00

The following content was added to the Highspots Wrestling Network streaming service:

Tremendously Awkward w/ Dan Barry & Bill Carr: EFFY

Time to get Tremendously Awkward w/ Effy. Join Dan & Bill for a nice chat with everyones favorite fishnet clad brawler. Enjoy!

The Interview w/ Alicia Atout: Aja Perera

This edition of The Interview w/ Alicia Atout is a little EXTRA, ok it’s a lot EXTRA with our guest, Aja Perera.

The #AthleThick one herself joins the #InterviewQueen, to discuss their love for Emo music, video games, and of course Wrestling!

Plus 3 bonus matches from Queens Of Combat!

Interview TRT 45 mins. TRT 1 hr 20 mins

Bonus Matches

Aja Perera VS Ray Lyn VS Diamante VS Xia Brookside

Aja Perera & Big Swole VS Rocky Radley & Dynamite Didi

Aja Perera VS Madi Maxx

Supercard: Butch Reed

Butch Reed had always heard the popular myth in wrestling that two black wrestlers could never draw

against each other in the South. In 1984, both Reed and The Junkyard Dog were ready to blow that theory out of the water in Bill Watts’s Mid-South territory. The blow off of that angle was the legendary Ghetto Street Fight.


Butch turns heel and not only double-crosses JYD, but sets the South on fire by painting JYD and then tarring and feathering him.


Butch and Dog worked each other from 1983 into 1984, drawing in help from talent like Buddy Landel and Ted DiBiase up until June of 1984 at the New Orleans Superdome.


Over 20,000 people come to see the blow-off for the North American Title between the two strongest draws in Mid South!

Wrestling Open Forum: 6.20.20 - Greatest Forum Ever


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