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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-26 10:00:00

If you could go to pro wrestling and cover it live right now, would you?

In a word, No.

There have been allegations about [DELETED], so why aren't WWE doing anything about it?

I can tell you that even if nothing has (or will be) publicly disclosed, WWE is taking the allegations that have come out in recent weeks against different talents very, very seriously and are looking into all of them.  The company isn't going to comment on anything or even take action until they have gone through their process, nor should they, or any other company that is dealing with similar circumstances.  I can assure you nothing has been ignored.

I remember when Eric Bischoff made his WWE debut, he came out to AC/DC's "Back In Black".  Then, they changed it to "I'm Back".  Did WWE not get the rights from AC/DC to use the song?  I noticed it's no longer there on the WWE Network version of that episode of Raw.

They created their own theme song for him, so they don't have to pay royalties to major musical artists.  They edited the AC/DC song out for the same reason.

What is Shane McMahon doing behind the scenes for WWE as he's off TV?

Shane McMahon has no "official" power from a corporate sense.  He is a performer, no different from any other pro wrestler on the roster, although he does get to give his creative input and has helped put together big matches, including Royal Rumbles, together as a Producer.  He is not currently an executive for the company on an official level but obviously, his word carries some weight.

With one more fight on her UFC contract, I was trying to rack my brain about Paige VanZant.  Wasn't she supposed to debut for WWE?  Whatever happened to that?

As broke back in 2015, WWE reached out to VanZant about taking part in Summerslam that year, but they never came to an agreement.  VanZant is a huge WWE fan and I wouldn't be shocked to see her pop up when it works out for all sides.  If she decides to leave UFC, I can see her trying WWE, but she's had a number of injuries and I don't know how she would hold up to the rigors of pro wrestling.  I can see WWE or even AEW exploring the possibilities though.

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