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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-26 09:54:00

WWE is, as of this morning, slated to move forward with taping TV today for tonight's Smackdown and this Monday's episode of Raw.  The plan is to start taping at 12 PM EST.  They will also tape tomorrow at the WWE Performance Center.  

The tapings are taking place despite the company continuing to receive positive COVID-19 test results.  We are told the number has risen since yesterday and there is concern about everyone at every level of the company who was at the PC.   There are still a number of those tested yesterday still waiting for results.

One conversation among WWE wrestlers over the last few days is disbelief towards those in the locker room who have been out socially at bars and gatherings and posting on social media in the wake of everything that has gone on since the company began informing them of COVID-19 positives.

There's been a recent outpouring of support for WWE Hall of Famer Bob Armstrong, who made the choice several months ago not to undergo treatment for bone cancer in his ribs, shoulder and prostate as his health is starting to fail.   Everyone at joins that and wishes "The Bullet" and the entire Armstrong family nothing but the best.

There were references to The Undertaker and Triple H by Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah on yesterday's episode of The Daily Show on Comedy Central as they discussed politics and the idea that some of the rivalries are very much like WWE.

The legendary Bobby Fulton tweeted:

Paul Jordan passed along the following:

THE MIZ and AUSTIN CREED enter the ROYAL RUMBLE!!! - Retro Roulette

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