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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-25 14:10:00

WWE brought all talents and staff scheduled for this weekend's TV tapings to Orlando yesterday in order to go through a round of drive-through testing for COVID-19 this morning.   

Those brought in would be wrestlers and staff who were not sent emails on Monday and Tuesday advising them to get themselves tested due to a newly discovered COVID-19 positive test result. is also told that anyone who tested negative for COVID-19 earlier this this week will also get tested again today at the PC.  If they are not tested again today, they will not cleared to work the TV tapings.  Once WWE gets the test results, they will adjust their taping plans according. 

WWE is scheduled to tape TV on Friday and Saturday.

Obviously, any talents and staff who have reported a positive COVID-19 test have being ordered to remain at home and will not be at the PC this weekend.

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