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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-25 10:00:00

If you are WWE, do you go forward with the next set of TV tapings?

I would not, but I don't know the reality of what happens if they don't deliver fresh content to FOX and the USA Network contractually.  Do they void their contract handing over a "Best of" show?  I don't know.  From a human perspective, I would prefer to see them pause and figure out how many staff and talents are infected and go from there.  WWE has noted they will be doing COVID-19 test - the actual nose and throat swabs, I would hope - going forward, which will give them a far better chance of tracking down someone who is asymptomatic.  AEW has been far more proactive at doing this and thus far, it's worked out for them.

Do you think they will stop letting fans into the PC now?

They have to.  I can't imagine a scenario going forward where anyone will be allowed in who isn't a WWE contracted talent or employed personnel.  There's too much of a chance of something being spread.

Do you think that perhaps when WWE begins touring, they will do outdoor amphitheaters?  They could put the ring on a stage and go from there with socially distanced house shows?

I think anything is possible at some point, but not now.  The only real safe bet is that the entire landscape will change in a second.  I don't believe any touring acts will be successful at navigating the current waters, however.

Why isn't King Kong  Bundy in the WWE Hall of Fame?

He should be.  My GUESS is that since he was a plaintiff in the head trauma lawsuit against WWE before his passing, that pretty much iced him out of being honored at the time.  No publicly traded company is going to honor someone at the same time he is suing them.

Same question for Demolition?

They deserve to be in, but it's a similar circumstance.  Barry Darsow was/is a plaintiff in that lawsuit (which is going through an appeal process currently, trying to get it reinstated), so WWE can't honor him.  Bill Eadie, who certainly had a great run and deserves to be in even without considering Demolition, also had a bad parting with WWE in the early 1990s and at one point, had a lawsuit against them over the Demolition name.  Until the decision is made for all of that to be wiped off the slate, nothing will change.  My guess is that eventually, it happens, because we are looking at a Hall that features The Ultimate Warrior, Bruno Sammartino, etc. and all their related issues were eventually resolved.

If you could suggest one person to go in immediately, who would it be?

Kamala.  100% Kamala.  He had a great run across the spectrum of pro wrestling - Memphis, Mid-South, WWF, WCW, etc. and was a great heel main eventer against Hulk Hogan and a funny undercard babyface for WWE.   He's had some hard times health-wise in recent years and I sincerely believe that him being inducted in the Hall would do provide him with a great spiritual and emotional uplifting.  Having read his book, I know he has an amazing story to tell and I'd love to see him have that moment on stage for himself and his family.  I hope that one day soon, WWE inducts him.  So, 100%, Kamala.


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