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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-25 09:27:00

As noted earlier this week, Impact Wrestling worked feverishly to get a new, reassembled episode of Impact on AXS on the air this week after the termination of Joey Ryan.  We are told that it was down to the wire and that they just made it in time to deliver the episode to AXS TV.  It was described to PWInsider as "another 30 minutes and we wouldn't have been on the air, at all", according to one source.  The same source noted that Impact cannibalized material originally set to air in the weeks to come and the company will have to devise what their plans are for future episodes, but felt that making sure Impact did everything they could to deliver a new episode under any circumstances was the most important goal this week.

There was no episode of Aftershock this week due to the production manpower needed for the re-edits.  Aftershock will return next week.

The North vs. Ken Shamrock and a partner is set for Slammiversary.  One would think this is Sami Callihan and sadly, not Royce Gracie, who was namechecked on this week's Impact TV.

The promotion has released a slew of new Slammiversary PPV shirts featuring the event's logo, different personalities and one featuring the five competitors in the advertised main event.

The latest video blog from Ethan Page is now online:

Impact continued their tease of a potential Bully Ray return:

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