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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-23 09:30:00

As noted last night, Impact Wrestling's production staff spent most of the day ripping apart and reassembling the Impact on AXS episode that will air tonight.  The original opener for the show, #CancelCulture vs. Crazzy Steve and two mystery partners, has been removed from the show.  The mystery partners would have been The Rascalz' Dez and Wentz.   Impact is using material from episodes that had been taped but slated for other, future episodes to fill in those slots and had to re-record voiceovers so everything would properly fit in place.

Impact is currently working on how they will handle Michael Elgin's material going forward.  While they can remove all of Joey Ryan's material, with Elgin (who is currently suspended) it's a little dicier as there is content taped featuring him in the ring building towards the 7/18 Slammiversary PPV where he, Trey Miguel, Ace Austin and Eddie Edwards are all slated to challenge for Tessa Blanchard's Impact Wrestling Championship.  

While no final decision has been made, it's most likely the #CancelCulture stable is done for all the obvious reasons.

Anthem filed a motion over the last several days attempting to prevent Karen Jarrett from testifying at the Jeff Jarrett & Global Force Entertainment vs. Anthem lawsuit, which is still set to go to trial on 6/30 in Nashville.  We'll have more on this later today.  I've had a few readers ask if I intend to cover the trial in Nashville.  COVID-19 has made that an impossibility.

Ethan Page, who promotes Alpha-1 Wrestling in Canada, issued the following statement:

Eric Sturrock sent word that Pursuit HD, the former home of Impact Wrestling before shifting to AXS TV, is listing Impact for Friday 7/3 at 10 PM EST.  Impact parent company Anthem owns a stake in Pursuit, so it is possible there will be a replay on Impact going forward.  We have reached out to Impact for clarification.

Nex week's Impact in 60 on Anthem will be Mick Foley's Most Epic Battles, vs. Samoa Joe, Sting and more.  Foley actually wrote an entire book around the Sting match, Countdown to Lockdown.

The 6/20 episode of Xplosion is now available on Impact+ featuring Dave Penzer interviewing Johnny Swinger, Larry D vs. Elgin and more.   

If anyone is interested in recapping Xplosion or Impact in 60, please reach out.

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