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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-22 18:00:00

FOX held a meeting several hours ago to inform everyone working on WWE Backstage that the series was done in its current format for now.  

There will not be a new episode tomorrow.   They had announced Bayley for the episode.  A rerun of an older episode is most likely.

Among those who worked on the series, the belief is the show is completely done beyond the outside chance that it could be used for special programming down the line.  There is no gameplan for such a thing currently, but things are being left open with the idea that FS1 could do more if they choose to do so.

Since we have gotten a few hopeful emails on this, I am sorry to douse the fire - CM Punk is under contract to FOX, not WWE, so the end of WWE Backstage does not mean he's going to migrate over to other WWE programming.  WWE and Punk would have to make a deal and as we've seen, that doesn't seem likely.  WWE had dropped even plugging Punk was part of the FOX series.  

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