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By Dave Scherer on 2020-06-24 10:00:00

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With the WWE using people from NXT as their audience, do you know if that crowd is told about everything that’ll happen during whatever show they’re taping, and are being told exactly when and how to react, or are they going into things not knowing exactly what will happen?

Last I heard they weren’t given a script beforehand.  They understand the business, they know how to react to the things they see.

While watching some WWE programming recently, I was bothered by watching the use of choke holds. Especially on African Americans.  While I understand they are a part of wrestling, in light of the recent events in the United States, I did not like seeing Black performers being choked and struggling. I would think WWE would have changed especially after recent statements that they are an organization that is doing the right thing. Am I the only one who feels this way?

While some would say that those moves have always been a part of the business, I look at it like you do.  Given what the country is addressing right now, WWE should be cognizant of that and avoid making any of its fans feel the way you do.  Honestly, if any fan gets made because they don’t get to see African Americans being choked on WWE TV, well WWE really doesn’t need them watching anyway.

When the 24/7 Title was introduced, Drake Maverick was one of the first people I saw on social media coming for the title and making "wanted" signs and other content about looking for the title holder. How much of that was his own initiative and how much was prompted by WWE? It seems Drake knows how to take an opportunity and make the most of it. 

WWE encourages their talents to use their social media to enhance the stories.  Maverick is good at doing just that, and it helped him get his job back.  It’s nice to see someone that goes above and beyond get rewarded for it.

I never thought I could say "What a moron" for 3 hours straight. And through it all I lost a lot of respect for the Christian character. And I am confused as to what the point of it all is; is there an endgame in mind? Your thoughts?

They wanted to get heat for Randy Orton.  I didn’t hate it like you did.  I knew he wouldn’t actually wrestle, but of all the insipid stories we have seen this year that one didn’t bother me.

Who has the worst forehead? Abdullah the Butcher or King Curtis?

Wow tough one.  I guess I will go with Abby.

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