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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-22 10:15:00

For those who have asked about the status of Dave Crist in the wake of online allegations of sexual misconduct, Impact Wrestling has not yet made an official announcement about his status. was told by several wrestlers that they believed Crist was done with the company even before the allegations were brought forth.  There had been a near-universal stance against him in recent months and at the last TV tapings (where he was turned on by his brother Jacob and left laying), Dave Crist was not even allowed to dress in the locker room.  The belief among the wrestlers was that Crist was already done but Impact hadn't announced it yet, possibly to avoid the criticism of releasing someone during the pandemic.  In either event, it's not expected he'll remain associated with Impact for much longer.

Impact is now releasing digital exclusives online and via Impact+ to follow up on events from Impact on AXS, which you can check out here.

Announced for this week's episode on AXS:

*Susie vs. Taya.

*The Deaners & Willie Mack vs. Johnny Swinger & Chris Bey & a mystery partner.

*Cancel Culture vs. Crazzy Steve & two mystery partners.

*More on the who attacked Trey mystery.

This week's Impact in 60 will look at the Aces & Eights including Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy.

Ethan Page showcasing his Slammiversary preparation:

Impact released the following videos:





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