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By Dave Scherer on 2020-06-23 10:00:00

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I’ve always wondered why WWE contracts are so one way and the WWE gets the option to release talent with 90 days notice yet talent can’t just leave with the same notice? 

It’s simple, in most of the cases WWE has all of the power and leverage, the talent does not.  WWE is in a take it or leave it position most of the time.

If the WWE terminates a talent and the talent has, for example, 3 years left on their contract, does the WWE give them a check that equals the downside of 3 years, just pay them during their 90 days no compete (assuming that is in effect) or whatever they got up to that point is whatever they will be left with when they leave?

They get paid on their downside guarantee for three months (provided that they haven’t already hit it for the year), then they are released.  At most they get the three months pay.

Should RAW and Smackdown feel different from each other? Watching NXT you can tell a  different creative team is in charge. With Paul Heyman being removed from RAW to have Prichard head of both RAW and Smackdown, will it feel more like Smackdown is a carbon copy of RAW and vice versa? I always thought Smackdown sounds more it should be about the wrestling aspect, while RAW should be edgier when it comes to wrestling.

At the end of the day they are both a WWE product and the vision of Vince so I think if you asked him, he would say that they should be similar because that is what WWE is.  He doesn’t look at like some fans do.  He wants two similar version of the WWE product.

Why isn't WWE utilizing the wrestlers that aren't being used on weekly TV more in other areas? Recently they started bringing in NXT/Performance Center trainees to fill in as the crowd, but now live events are on hold, so should be thinking digitally to monetize more, like more exclusive WWE network shows or Youtube shows such as the WWE chronicle or in-ring specials, get wrestlers to write a blog on, and other ways to help push new faces or existing faces to the fans.

I think costs and time are the major reasons.  With less revenue coming in, and TV being hectic at time to produce, they focusing their resources on delivering the thing that brings in the bacon right now, TV shows.  Also in the COVID environment, they kind of have to take things as they come.

They say outdoor events are safer than indoor events when it comes to spreading the COVID-19 virus. Why doesn't WWE look at outdoor buildings where social distancing can take place?  If they require everyone to wear face masks, and the seating is probably arranged to allow social distancing and other safety measures it will decrease a fans risk of getting the virus at the show.

At this point it’s because they couldn’t run them while the restrictions in Florida, and elsewhere, are in place.  As things open up I think they will watch how things go but we are already seeing problems with the sports that are trying to open back up in the US due to a rise in cases.  I think at this point, with TV being by far the most important priority that they have, they need to protect it and the best way to do that is by running the shows in the controlled environment that they are.  It would be risky to take the shows outside.  Since AEW can run Daily’s Place, I could see them trying to bring some fans in at some point but I don’t see it happening any time soon.  Aside from Presidential rallies, most companies aren’t ready to open up to mass amounts of people yet.

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