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By Dave Scherer on 2020-06-22 10:00:00

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What’s your take on the allegations being made about wrestlers harassing/assaulting women and the coverage that some sites are giving it?  I know that the allegations, if true, are horrible and should be taken seriously, but isn’t there a line where it’s reckless to just report any claim that anyone makes?

First, any act if harassment or assault is wrong and I hope that the perpetrator gets everything that is coming to them.  Anyone that preys on others should be kicked out of the business forever and if warranted incarcerated.  There is no place for them in the business.  With that said, there are rules of journalism that have to be followed.  We have seen claims made in the past that ended up to not be true, which is terrible because it makes it even harder on the actual victims.  I wish we could run every single claim that was made but we also have to consider the damage it can do to someone if it’s not true. I also wish we had the resources to investigate every came but we just don’t.  Also, if I were any promotion out there I would start being very proactive and get ahead of this situation immediately.  I would look into every single allegation being made and would also have long talks with every piece of talent I work with.

Do you think we'll see Willow in WWE? 

God, I hope not.  Jeff Hardy means something.  Willow doesn’t.  Jeff got to do it in TNA.  It should be allowed to die.

Edge and Christian vs Orton and Flair next Saudi show.  Book it now?  I’m being sarcastic of course, but could you see a scenario where WWE does something like that where Flair and Christian don’t have to get physically involved aside from throwing a few chops (Flair) and some punches/kicks (Christian)?  I would think that is something McMahon would love.  Thoughts?

Oh yeah, I could see it advancing to where the two men that can’t wrestle are involved on the periphery, provide Edge can return from the triceps injury.

Do you think the virus and quarantine will do long-term harm to the wrestling business? People have been without the live, house show product a long time now and the longer that lasts, the more people will think I'm doing just fine without it. You can already see 10 hours a week of wrestling without leaving home.

I honestly can’t predict it.  That could happen, or people could realize that they missed the fun that they had at live shows.  A lot of people definitely feeling cooped up right now.  I think when things get back to normal, we will see a lot of people ready to go back to their old lives.  If I had to guess I would go with the latter. 

So, whenever it eventually happens, and WWE is on TV with a crowd in the arena, who comes out first??  We know the pop will be massive, so who gets it?

If it’s me, I send Vince, Steph, Shane and HHH out there with the entire roster to welcome the fans back.  

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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