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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-21 10:00:00

Whatever happened to Alicia Fox?

Fox quietly retired last year and has made some cameos since.

Are Jax Dane and Crimson signed to impact wrestling as they were recently on xplosion?


WWE announced the return of Total Bellas but what about Total Divas?

That is a good question!  I have asked WWE this in the past but never received a response.  I have also not heard anything was being filmed.  My guess is that it's in flux and a decision has never been made about whether it will live on or not.

I seem to recall CMLL (?)using the Kiss gimmick for a group there in the very late '80's-early '90's.Coulld you tell me if Kiss knew about this,did CMLL have to get permission from the band to use the gimmick, or was it done the same way as seeing a WWE copyrighted charachter such as Doink the clown on a small indie show.Also did WCW use the gimmick first, or was it first used in Mexico?

What CMLL did in that case was not anything that Kiss knew about at the time or gave permission to the company to do.   It was not uncommon for gimmicks like that to pop up in foreign countries, especially before the Internet made it far easier for copyright holders to know about such things almost immediately.  To the best of my knowledge, WCW did the Kiss Demon first.

Who is responsible for ordering all the kendo sticks, tables, etc. WWE goes through? Is there one place they order things like kendo sticks from or are they gotten locally? Do they just clean out a local music store's inventory a few days in advance? 

They have a department that's responsible for all the props and maintain a collection of tables, kendo sticks, etc. on the WWE production trucks so they are always on the road.  In the case of something specific that needs to be created, they will purchase what the company needs and their "magic" department will handle anything that needs to be done to make the props safer for the talents to use.  That's basically their version of a special effects department.

Who decides who should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

Vince McMahon makes the final determination, but the company does send out a ballot internally to employees asking for feedback on names under consideration.  It's criteria is really what Vince McMahon wants at the end of the day.

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