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By Dave Scherer on 2020-06-20 12:27:00

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Hi Dave I think you misconstrued a recent question I had about Charlotte where you thought I was saying she wasn't the Roman, Cena, Hogan of her division. I actually was saying the opposite as I agree that she is but with the question that it felt like despite her peaking inside and out of the ring right now that unlike those other 3 she is never the one overcoming odds in her feuds (Roman vs Brock, Roman vs Corbin and friends Cena vs any number of opponents) which limits the storytelling potential for her in her prime and whether you agreed and if so does WWE have a female character booked into a position to be that equal footing challenger that could push Charlotte over the top in performance and value?

To me you can't count Hogan, he's from an era gone by.  Roman?  Yes, he overcomes a lot.  Cena?  He hardly had to overcome anything his whole career!  He would often get his heat back before the end of Raw.  Charlotte falls in between them to me.  Could she use a rival that is her peer?  Sure, so could a lot of WWE stars.  Most are booked as interchangeable and that hurts the product on the whole.  I would like to see Charlotte have a little more vulnerability but that isn’t how Vince books.

Is there anyone from the diva era that stands out to you as someone who failed in that era but would've had a shot to thrive and be a star in the current era?

There were a lot of women back then that could have made it today if they were given the chance to show how talented they were in the ring, absolutely.  A lot of them went to other places to prove just that!

Have there been any further attempts at dialogue with NJPW by Don Callis and Impact since NJPW shunned them last year over the previous issues with the partnership?

I haven't heard of any.  Now isn't the best time to do any of that stuff anyway since we are in the middle of a pandemic.  With that said, I don't see what's in it for New Japan to be honest.  It would help Impact a lot, but I don't see what New Japan would get out of it. 

If you were WWE would you start small once travelling opens back up for them or if say they have the opportunity to hold Summerslam in a huge arena/stadium would you just go for the home run ticket sales now with the likelihood that travel would shut back down again with a new wave of positive tests?

I have no idea when they will be able to run in front of crowds again.  Honestly, if I were them, my concern would be what is going on in Florida and whether they will be able to keep taping at the PC given the spike in cases since Florida has reopened.  It's a little scary to hear they are around 4,000 new cases a day.  As I type this on Friday 5 Philadelphia Phillies have tested positive for the virus, along with three other people that work for the team.  We don't even know what crowds will be like when they can run.  To me, I just keep watching and waiting and decide down the road when I have more information to make a good decision.

We know that before the positive NXT developmental COVID test that WWE wasn't actually testing for the virus. What they were doing is more definable as "screening," even though their initial rhetoric may have led us to believe they were doing actual testing.  We have also heard differing stories about letting in people not essential to the shows, ie. not employed by WWE, attend the tapings.  Does all this make WWE seem, at the very least, somewhat disingenuous with regards to their implementation of COVID protocols, especially with how transparent AEW has been?

I don’t know if I would say disingenuous.  I think I would say that they didn’t do the right kind of checks.  The question would be why and I don’t know if it’s ignorance, arrogance or something else.  But yes, AEW has been worlds better than WWE, for sure.  AEW has done things the right way, absolutely.  They deserve praise.

Why is WWE even allowing friends and family to attend the tapings?  I understand if a wrestler wants their spouse or children to accompany them, but considering simply being there puts everyone in the building at a higher risk of infection, it's not much to ask the family members and friends to stay away from the tapings for the day.

I have no idea, I really don’t.  I wouldn’t go to the PC if it were me.  If I were a worker, I wouldn’t want my friend and family there either.  I take this thing seriously.  It’s pretty clear that the Vince McMahon hasn’t seen the pandemic to be the issue that others, like me, have.  I guess that is why he has no problem letting those people in.

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