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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-18 10:00:00

Did Monty Sopp use the name Billy Gunn prior to WWE? I could have sworn the smoking gunns were a wwe trademark but I have heard Billy use the Gunn name in New Japan and now AEW. Could he have purchased the rights? Doesn't sound like a very WWE thing to do. 

He did not use the name prior to WWE.  What happened is that WWE's trademark on it lapsed and he filed for it himself.

Isn’t Ricky Starks signed to NWA or are the NWA talents not exclusive to them?

Starks was signed to a NWA deal but opted not to restructure his deal as others did with the advent of the pandemic leading to NWA no longer running TV tapings.  That allowed him to be free and clear to go sign with AEW.

Why has there been such a huge boost in wrestling toy stuff in recent months?  I don't get it.

You don't get it, I am guessing, because you don't care about the toys.  That's fine but lots of people do.  I think there's been a resurgence for many reasons.  One, AEW has a toy line coming out.  Two, there are New Japan figures coming out.  Three, most importantly, Matt Cardona and Brian Myers have done an amazing job with their podcast and videos.  A big part of the toy love is nostalgia for what you liked as a kid and they do a GREAT job bringing that to the forefront.  Check out our friends at and maybe you'll find something you like.

Whatever happened to WOW?

I am not sure of the issues, but it's obviously done on AXS TV.  My guess is that if and when they have another outlet, it will resume.

If the GFW PPVs only generated $10K in revenue for Impact, why is Jeff Jarrett even bothering to sue?

He feels he'll make far more than that in court, obviously!

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