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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-17 10:07:00

WWE is scheduled for a long, long day of television tapings today. is told that no one will be allowed entrance to the venues unless their COVID-19 tests have come back negative.  There are a number of talents, staffers and even high-level executives who are on "standby" waiting for their results to still come in nearby the PC, we are told.

If all goes according to plan, WWE will be taping the following content today at the WWE Performance Center starting at 11 AM:

-Next Monday's Raw

-Next Monday's Raw talk

-Next weekend's WWE Main Event.

-Next Friday's Smackdown

 -This and next Friday's episodes of 205 Live

WWE will then tape the following at Full Sail Live this evening:

 -Tonight's WWE NXT, which we are told may broadcast live on the USA Network.

-Next week's WWE NXT.

This may actually end up breaking the record as the longest WWE TV taping day ever, under any circumstances, in company history.

After today, WWE is next slated to tape from 6/29-7/1.  They will then tape 7/13-7/15 and then broadcast Extreme Rules live from the PC on 7/19.

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