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By Dave Scherer on 2020-06-17 10:00:00

I watch Dynamite every week but I must have missed why Allie is no longer the Bunny.  Why did she ditch the Bunny character and split from Butcher and Blade, and why is she now referred to as QT Marshall's girlfriend when it's no secret she's Blade's wife?

I don’t ever remember them saying she was Blade’s wife on TV.  If they did I missed it.  She was just suddenly with QT, no real explanation.  I am wondering if she is a trojan horse type of character, out to destroy Marshall and Dustin Rhodes and then will go back with Butcher and Blade.  If she doesn’t, they just flipped her and didn’t really explain why.

I saw your question about Adam Cole's contract in NXT.  I was just curious how AEW contracts compare to NXT contracts?  Take a guy like Finn Balor, is he paid differently on the Raw roster than when he is on the NXT roster?

Generally, a talent has a contract that pays less in NXT than the main roster.  When they make it to the main roster, they get a bump in pay.  Usually when someone like Balor goes to NXT to help the brand, he gets his main roster pay.

On today's Bump Shayna Bayzler discussed how Becky was irresponsible for having a baby instead of wrestling. I've never had an issue with real life stuff mixing with wrestling stories...but I do have one issue. What if "the man" never comes back? Does this seem like the wrong way to go with this to you? If she doesn't return it makes Shayna look horrible. If she does return it's not at least for 8 -12 months at best and this will be lost.

Here’s how I see it.  Shayna is a heel.  Heels say horrible things to and about babyfaces.  To me, that’s all she did.  She also said the same stuff on Raw after it was announced that Becky was pregnant.  I just see it as a heel being a heel.  If Becky comes back, they can play off of it.  If not, Shayna is seen as despicable, win-win.

I don't watch Impact so I was interested to find out Tessa Blanchard is still their world champion.  Can you explain to someone who hasn't seen much of her work what makes her stand out about all other women in the industry that a company would put their #1 championship on her?  Also, do you see WWE or AEW ever putting their world championship on a female for an extended period of time?

Tessa is a really talented wrestler, no doubt.  Impact decided to run with her winning the belt, I believe, to get people talking.  She was the right talent in the right place for the angle.  Personally, it wasn’t realistic to me so I didn’t enjoy it, but it wasn’t done for me.  It was done to get a buzz going.  To me, it’s something a company does when they are trying to get people to notice the product so I understand why they did it.  As for the second question I never say never, but I don’t think AEW or WWE needs to do something like that to get people talking.  It’s a risky thing to do.  I don’t see either of them doing it any time soon.

Why are all-male match cards a rarity in the WWE these days as opposed to ten years ago?

Women are now the equal of men in the hierarchy and structure of WWE.  They are treated as athletes now instead of eye candy and they have roles on all of the big shows, save places like Saudi Arabia.  WWE wants its top talent on all shows so the women appear, as they should.

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