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By Dave Scherer on 2020-06-16 10:00:00

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One is do you think the reason Paul Heyman was removed is he is not the typical yes man that Bruce Prichard is and he didn't tow the company line and could there be some long lingering resentment towards him and Vince really doesn't want to give him the credit he deserves?

No, I don’t think that is the reason at all.  Yes, Prichard knows how to give Vince what he wants, but Vince would have never given the Heyman the job running Raw while he was attending to XFL business if he resented him.  Things happened, for sure, to lead to Heyman’s exit.  We are working on confirming what they are but it’s definitely not a case of resentment from years past.

Is the significance of the black glove Tully gave to Sean Spears, I know Blackjack Mulligan wore it, I was at the Garden the night Andre removed it from his hand and applied the claw with the glove on,

It definitely seems like Tully was giving him the glove to make the transition that Barry Windham did back in the day to me.

When the whole pandemic is over and things go back to normal and WWE wants to lock people into long term deals so they don't go to the completions...  Could and should wrestlers leverage some type of iron clad contracts where they can't be randomly released (unless they breached their contract)? I mean Gallows and Anderson could have jobs right now had they not resigned with WWE and went to AEW.

I think that they can try, but I don’t think they will have much luck.  WWE gives that standard contract to most of the talent, people that, in my opinion, they don’t need to lock up iron clad. They won’t give that deal to say, a John Cena, but most other folks they will.  Unless AEW can get to the point where it’s an option for everyone, I don’t see much changing.  WWE may offer more money to talents, but I don’t see them getting rid of the clause.  It’s in their best interests to keep the contracts as is.

With WWE already planning on moving to a new HQ before the pandemic, wouldn't it have made sense to just move everything down to Florida? They already, already have the PC, if there was going to be a physical HOF it would probably be there, Vince has a home there, etc.  Any reason why they wouldn't want to? My only guess is they like being "Up North" but that's just a guess.

I have never asked but it’s pretty clear that Vince likes the company being based out of Connecticut.

With Santos Escobar (FKA El Hijo del Fantasma FKA Jorge Bolly FKA King Cuerno) running a faction of losers, do you see this as a sort of carbon copy of AEW's Dark Order?

First off, how is a faction of losers when it’s led by a champion? Evil Uno and Brodie Lee were never champs.  Two, we don’t even know what the faction is about yet.  Dark Order was about grabbing talents that weren’t going anywhere and giving them a place to join.  I don’t see the two groups as being at all alike.

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