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By Dave Scherer on 2020-06-15 10:00:00

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Do you think if whoever owns WWE after Vince decided to turn their hall into a legitimate hall that Martha would reconsider the stance regarding Owen or are the letters on the door a barrier too steep to overcome no matter who is keeping the lights on?

The fact that the Hall of Fame isn’t an actual place is not the reason Martha wants no part of it for her late husband.  Her issue is with the company and the way her husband died on their watch, as well as how they handled relations with her afterward.  I don’t see her changing her mind as long as the McMahon family owns the company.  If, say, Disney bought it?  Maybe she would reconsider then.

If Vince has full control over what the storylines are, why even bother having a creative team?  Even if they come up with an idea that is guaranteed and promised to be a money making machine for the company just to have it shot down by Vince, maybe for no other reason outside of he is in a bad mood that day and doesn't like it, why even bother giving him your best idea(s)?  I get it, Vince is the end all to end it all and he is the boss but what good is it to have writers if 95% of their ideas won't make it past Vince? 

They are there to pitch ideas and write TV.  Vince is not going to sit down and script five hours of TV every week, just like an editor doesn’t write the articles in a magazine.  The writers all give their best ideas, or at least what they think Vince wants to hear, because that is the job they signed up to do.

Of all the young talent that Paul Heyman tried to get over on RAW, who do you think he was the most successful with?  In other words, which of those talent has seen their stock rise the most under the guidance of Heyman?

I would go with Aleister Black and Zelina Vega, in a tie.  

Will we ever see the return of unscripted or bullet-point promos in WWE, and what would it take for Vince to ditch the scripts?

As long as Vince is around I think the only way we see that happen is if one of the TV partners forced him to make a change to get ratings up. Otherwise, he loves having control over what the talent says, much to my dismay.

The move to AEW by Chris Jericho has arguably been the biggest gamechanger in the wrestling industry over the past year, and we are now able to see Jericho at his creative best.  If he never went to AEW and remained with WWE, how different would the current wrestling climate be, how weaker would AEW be, and how do you think a WWE version of Jericho, handcuffed by scripted promos and WWE booking, would have played out over the past year?

I think that Jericho has been a huge get for AEW, both on and off camera.  He helped get eyeballs on the product from the start given his name value.  Who knows if TNT gives AEW a TV slot if they don’t have Jericho on board.  I can’t say what would have happened had he not gone to AEW but I can say him going there has been huge for the company.  If he was in WWE?  Well he has a little freedom so he would have probably still been entertaining.

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