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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-12 10:00:00

I can't believe I am asking this but are the online rumors that Vince Russo is back with Impact true?  Is he consulting again?  Have you gotten any errant emails?

Those rumors have made the rounds since before Wrestlemania weekend.  I am told he is not involved or employed in any way with Impact.  There was indeed talk of using him at the now canceled TNA There's No Place Like Home PPV that was set for Wrestlemania 36 weekend in Tampa as the idea was "no politics" and having an open door policy for that one night to celebrate the old TNA brand, but he was never officially booked.  The TNA reunion PPV show ended up canceled like everything else and we are told that since that time, Russo has not been used in any way, shape or form by Impact since.  He has not been at any tapings in Nashville and in speaking to someone extremely high up at Impact yesterday, I am told there are currently no plans for Russo within the company in any capacity, as a consultant, independent contractor or employee.   Obviously, it's pro wrestling and things can always change, but that's what I've been told by numerous people....and there's been no accidental emails to me, either.  So, take that for what you will.

Do you think WWE could turn Titan Tower into a WWE Hall of Fame/Museum?

That’s an interesting idea.  I don’t know that WWE would be interested in doing that, as I don’t think they’ll want to put the type of money needed into renovating and setting up such a destination in Stamford, but from a historical perspective, it’s a pretty cool idea.  I just don’t see it being a realistic one.  My guess is that if and when we get a Hall of Fame/Museum, it will be in a heavily trafficked tourist area and Titan Tower will sadly, be sold off and turned into something else when WWE finally moves over to their new HQ.

WWE needs something.  There's only one person to call.  How long before WWE makes the call for CM Punk to return?

That's a hell of a bridge to rebuilt.  I haven't heard ANYTHING about those two sides having any sort of communication, much less Punk being interested in returning to work for them.   WWE and FOX are two completely different entities.

Could WWE screw AEW by hiring Mike Tyson?

Unless AEW has a signed deal with Tyson, anything is possible.  I think Tyson will be focusing on his return to the boxing world first before anything else, but that's just my gut.

Wasn't there a plan for Paige VanZant of UFC fame to come to WWE?  Whatever happened to that?

As broke back in 2015, WWE reached out to her about taking part in Summerslam that year, but they never came to an agreement.  VanZant is a huge WWE fan and I wouldn't be shocked to see her pop up when it works out for all sides, but right now, she has at least one more fight left on her UFC deal.

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