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By Dave Scherer on 2020-06-10 10:00:00

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On a recent q&a you mentioned Adam Cole hasn't signed a new contract with 2 months remaining under his current deal. We all know his gf is Britt Baker but I was wondering if you think he sees the writing on the wall in the sense that if he did get called up to the main roster he probably wouldn't be recognized as a star under Vince McMahon’s eyes due to his size?

Actually we said it was a rumor, not a fact.  Mike reported over the weekend that Cole is signed for about 18 more months to NXT/WWE.  It did make for good buzz going into his match at Takeover though.  As I said with Eps over the weekend, any NXT talent that doesn’t look and see what has happened to those that came before them on the main roster is doing themselves a big disservice.  With that said, NXT is its own brand now and more and more we are seeing talents stay there.  Cole could very well spend all his WWE time on the NXT brand and if he does, he will be used very well by their creative team.  I think he would be used just as well if he went to AEW.  I think he could do well on the main roster too, if given the chance.  The man is super, super talented, a true stud in every sense of the word. 

What was the story regarding a heel Michael Cole shouting during women's matches back in 2011 and why it would not work today during the Women's Evolution?

It was his character to play.  It wasn't good.  It didn't work then and it sure wouldn't work today.

I just read the latest q and a and I want to comment on the question about wrestlers signing autographs before the show and maybe after in the ring. I think it’s a great idea, but Ric Flair did an interview with RF video a few years ago and he criticized TNA for doing that saying it was bush league and that Taker, Shawn, and Hunter would never do that. Thoughts?

I wouldn’t do it after shows.  Once the event is over, the talent should be able to move on.  I disagree with him about signing before shows.  Sure, certain talents would earn the right through their position to not do it, but I don’t think it’s bush league at all to add an element to a house show that would maybe entice more people come and spend money.  That’s just good business.  I respect Flair’s wrestling knowledge but he isn’t my go to person for business ideas.

I don't know, maybe I'm cynical but I find it hard to believe that the two national wrestling companies are testing for Covid-19 every time they run a show. They not only have to test all the talent and referees, but the producers, agents, cameramen, announcers, commentators, make-up and wardrobe crew, and I'm sure I've forgotten or not even aware of how many others. With the amount of TV being produced (especially by WWE) every week, that is a lot of time, effort and money. Are they really doing all that testing? And please don't think I'm saying they shouldn't do it; I'm just saying I don't think they actually do. Could there be legal ramifications if they say they are and they aren't?

If they say “we are testing” and they are doing some kind of test, then they are telling the truth.  I believe AEW is doing actually full on COVID testing.  It’s easier for them with a smaller roster and only one show most weeks.  Triple H said on the NXT conference call last week that WWE was testing, but it’s not the full on COVID test.  It’s testing he said the company trusts and feels comfortable with, temperature checks etc.  As long as there is no break out, they are doing enough.

Ok, I was going to sleep last night, when the greatest WWE storyline ever hit me...During an episode of Raw, Vince is attacked, and he falls into a coma.  Nobody knows who did it, why they did it, or even if it was intentional.  Since it's Vince that got attacked, Trump calls in the FBI to investigate, but because it is WWE, the person put in charge of the investigation: R-Truth! Think about it, the WWE gets to hire the worst community theater actors they can find to play the FBI and a third rate at best comedy character gets hours of screen time on national television even though he will never get a push and will be forgotten about as soon as the story line is over.  Pure WWE storytelling, but we aren't done...This thing will have it all, drama, mystery, intrigue, an excuse for the McMahon family to spend copious hours of time on live television pretending to act, a chance for Triple H to beat up mid card full time talent (I smell screen time for Lucha House Party here) backstage with a sledgehammer without them ever getting even with him for it.  We have the whole thing take 2-3 months to finish, and have R-Truth, this whole time have in his possession a video tape of the whole thing showing Baron Corbin attacking Vince for reasons that will never be explained.  I chose Corbin because with him involved you are assured  that maybe 10 fans in the end actually care about the whole thing... The cherry on top?  Baron Corbin vs. R-Truth and Vince Hell in a Cell match semi main Summerslam.  Heck we may have to have this at the Rumble.  The run ins alone....

Whatever you are popping before you go to be you need to stop….immediately.

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