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By Dave Scherer on 2020-06-09 10:00:00

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If the Kairi Sane spot where she hit the steps and was busted open had happened during a live show would the match have been stopped?

They would probably have had to, unless it was on a PPV.  Then, they may have continued.  For the TV purpose though they would have probably gone to commercial and stopped it.

I know you guys don't speculate or announce stuff without confirmation, but the Kurt Angle deal with WWE, I'm sure you have seen a video or two on YouTube as well that possibly teases Kurt ending up being shall we say...  Elite?  Could that be why he turned WWE down.  Would AEW put him back in the ring at least part time at some point?

I will take Angle at his word, that it just wasn’t the right time for him to be a manager.  Honestly, I don’t think Matt Riddle needs a manager anyway and if Vince doesn’t blow it, and let’s the guy’s charisma come through, Angle’s role could have been short lived anyway.  He’s 51 years old, I don’t know how much more he wants to wrestle.  Now if AEW made him a great offer to be a Tazz like character, with an occasional match?  I could see him at least kicking the wheels on that idea.  How much loyalty should he have to WWE when they cut him loose when they cut costs?

What are your thoughts on WWE having people around the ring? Has it improved things for you? And why do they have them standing and not sitting?

It absolutely has.  Wrestling needs fans making noise to enhance the product.  I am glad WWE finally added people to do that.  I think it’s cold to make them stand for hours though.  It’s got to wear them out as the show goes on, making them less enthusiastic.

In the world of WWE, the full ring name of El Hijo del Fantasma is quite long at four words.  Knowing of Vince's tendency to shorten ring names once they are on the main roster, why not shorten his name to say, just Fantasma, when he was originally brought into NXT?  It's only a matter of time until Vince shortens it anyway so why keep his full name during his time in NXT?

I think it’s pretty clear by now that HHH does his thing with the talent while they are down working with him at NXT and then Vince does his thing if they go to the main roster.  I agree with you, I see a name change if he goes to the main roster.

When XPac returned to WWE in 1998, he cut a promo saying Hall and Nash would be with him if they weren’t being held hostage by WCW.  Is this true, were Hall and Nash trying to get out of their contracts to go back to WWE?

I think he was just making light that he was in the cool place and they weren’t.  Those guys made huge money in WCW.  They had mega deals at that time and didn’t work a hard schedule.  They were definitely doing well then.

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