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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-11 10:00:00

Where has Bianca Belair been?

Belair has been working episodes of Main Event of late.  Why she hasn't been utilized more on the Raw brand, I have zero idea.  WWE set up a nice rivalry with Zelina Vega and then forgot about it, which I thought was a huge disappointment personally.

Is it just me or has the ever dynamic Chris Jericho set himself up for an amazing career in nonphysical on air role in just about any wrestling/SE company when the day comes where he hangs up in-ring action for good?   I can honestly say that I'd rather hear him call matches than just about anyone in the business today, especially when compared to WWE commentators. 

I don't think he set himself up for it, it was always something he was able to do.  The real question is whether it's something Jericho will want to do when he's finally done as a professional wrestler and I think that going to AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling has extended that run, so he's got a long time before he has to come to that crossroad.

How is Matt Striker on FOX's Labor of Live trying to find a woman to impregnate if his wikipedia says he's been married since 2016?

Well, reality TV is often a work.  I have no idea what Striker's real life is.

Is he the same guy who got fired as a teacher for being a pro wrestler?

He was never fired.  He resigned.

How do so many people have all this content to put up on their personal YouTube channels?

My guess is a lot of it is content they had on VHS they've digitized.


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