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By Dave Scherer on 2020-06-07 10:00:00

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Charlotte Flair seems to be hitting on all cylinders with promo work, in-ring mannerisms and match quality however something seems missing. It seems like what is missing is a threat. Every feud Charlotte has had it's been about her opponent having to overcome Charlotte or shock the world as an underdog. It's almost like she has been built up to Hogan levels but even Hogan had threats like Andre to deal with during his run. Am I off base here or do you think this missing element could push her into the stratosphere of WWE?

I think you are off base.  In WWE’s view, she already IS the stratosphere of WWE.  She is the top star, which is why she is booked the way that she is. In WWE’s eyes, and mine, Charlotte is already at the the top.  She is the mountain that others want to conquer.

With Triple H saying the cruiserweight tournament was mapped out before the releases, does that mean the plan from the start was always to have Drake Maverick reach the finals?  It's convenient to say now given all that's happened since Drake's release and it's certainly an odd choice at the time the tournament was conceived given how little Drake was used then and considering all the other names in the tournament.

He didn’t comment on that, just that the entrants of the tournament were already in place.  My take is that Kushida was going to be the one to come out of his group initially.  I certainly think whatever the plan was going in, if it didn’t involve taking advantage of the buzz that Maverick got it was really smart to incorporate it.  It made for a great story.

I found Jon Moxley biting Brodie Lee's bloody forehead absolutely disgusting.  Considering we are in the age of COVID, plus all we know about the transmission of blood-borne diseases, why on earth did they do that spot, and why did Tony Khan allow it?

I have no answer.  I have been very critical about it.  I know that AEW tests and all but still, in 2020 it’s not a great message to send out to viewers.  It worked in the old days because we didn’t know then what we do now, but things have changed.  I would be fine if I never saw that again.

Does AEW try to make referee Rick Knox look like an idiot?  He tossed Penelope Ford for interference then stood there and watched Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc double team Adam Page and not do a thing.

Knox has been the main culprit of not having control of the matches since AEW started.  I don’t know why the company doesn’t do something to keep from making the same mistakes like this one.  In addition to ignoring the rules being broken, they made Kenny Omega look like an imbecile since he waited for a tag rather than evening up the odds.  They need to fix that.

So WWE has rebuilt Lashley into a monster having an association with MVP to face off against Drew Mcintyre for the World Title almost four exact years since their  Slammiversary main event.  Is it safe to say someone on the creative team has been watching the Impact Plus app recently or this is all just a coincidence?

If a gun is at my head and I have to be right or die, I will say with 100 percent confidence that no one in WWE creative is copying old TNA booking.

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