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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-06 10:00:00

Whatever happened to Tucker?

He was injured, uh, who?  WWE never explained where he went, so I guess, he, uh, never existed?

If the WWE Performance Center is closed, where do NXT stars train?  Where do they perform?

Right now, they are working out at home or doing what they can to be ready to go back to normal, whenever that is?  They aren't performing, so to speak, unless WWE requires them to come to a TV taping.  So, like a lot of other people, they are doing everything they can in the situation they are in at the moment.

Am I crazy or did I catch a South Park episode the other night where they basically did the entire fight scene from They Live from start to finish?

You are not crazy.  They once did that with the characters Timmy and Jimmy.

 want to say first and foremost that I am a fan of Nia Jax. However I can't even ignore the number of injuries that she has caused in the ring. Particularly when I believe she said in an episode of "Total Divas" "** happens" when another injury has occured with our wrestlers. My question is what did you think of her spot with Kari Sane and has she set her self up with a bad reputation as a in ring performer or has the lack of ring time with house shows being eliminated made some talents rusty in terms of being in the ring?

First, I think anything that happens on Total Divas has to at least be looked at as at least a possible work, because the show is produced to entertain.  It's not a pure documentary, so she could have easily have been told to improvise that line or act a certain way.  Don't judge her on that.  I think she's been involved with a few moments that certainly show that she needs to be careful, but I don't believe for one second that she went out of her way to purposely hurt someone.  As one wrestler told me after he got a broken eardrum from a slap, "It's not ballet."  Jax is supposed to be playing a big monster vs. a crew of smaller women.  You can't portray that character without strength and aggression.  Mistakes happen.  I do wonder if being out of the ring so long has played a factor, but I don't look upon Jax as reckless.  If you go out there and legitimately hurt someone because you don't care, that's reckless.  If you do it by accident, it sucks.  I am sure that like a lot of others who have been in the situation where they hurt someone accidentally, Jax probably feels horrible about it.  Piling on her doesn't help matters for anyone.

You were asked about places you want to go...any venues you ever regret going to?

Nah.  I've seen wrestling everywhere from Stadiums to basements of housing projects to converted supermarkets.  I've never regretted any building I walked into.  I've seen some bad shows, as we all have, but I chose to go because I either wanted to go, as a fan and then later, because this is my job.  I never, ever regret going.

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