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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-05 10:01:00

Why did you report Roman Reigns stopped wrestling because of his health when it was really due to his kids?

Well, we never reported that.  The only thing we reported, and we were the first to do so, was that his twins were born right after the Elimination Chamber PPV and he made the decision to remain home with them.  

Why do you think WWE has held off inducting Angelo Poffo to their HOF?  What about Lanny?

I think they just haven't had the chance to induct Angeli as part of their Legacy wing.  Lanny had a nice run on the undercard and even worked on top with Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake as the Genius.  To me, he certainly has earned his ring.

Why does Kacy Catanzo climb up the ringpost the way she does during her ring entrance?

It's a nod to her time on American Ninja Warrior.

What's the are the wrestling venues you've always wanted to see a show in but never did?

It feels weird writing about this in the current state of the world as I can't imagine going to live events for anything right now, but there are two here in the United States - The Nashville Fairground and the Mid-South Coliseum.  In Japan, Korakuen Hall for sure.  I've always wanted to see a WWC Anniversario event in Puerto Rico.  In Mexico, Arena Mexico and Arena Coliseo.    I'd really love to see some of the shows in the UK and Ireland as well as those crowds are LUNATICS and I mean that in the most complimentary way.  I absolutely love the energy of the fans of those promotions, especially what I've seen of Over the Top Wrestling in Ireland.  Whether I ever get there, we'll see.  The word has far bigger issues these days.

I was reading through This Day in History and I've seen instances of contracted WWE talents working for independent companies in the 1990s.  Why did this happen and why did it end?

It happened because at the time, the company had a practice to book talents out to approved independent promoters on days when they weren't being used by WWE.  Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette mostly oversaw those bookings.  WWE would be paid directly for the use of the talent, in advance.  Why it was dropped was several reasons.  One, the company got far more popular and busier, so there were less and less dates that were available.  Two, there were a few instances where an indy promoter would book Wrestler X for a date, only for WWE to later find out that the promoter didn't really have a show and was flipping Wrestler X to someone else for more money to pocket the difference themselves, effectively making a profit off their relationship with WWE.  The other factor was increased concern over WWE talents getting hurt in rings that weren't up to the safety standards that WWE wanted.  If Too Cool, for example, was booked in an important program on Raw and Brian Christopher breaks his ankle in a substandard ring on an independent show in Delaware, it wasn't worth the risk.

Whatever happened to Sabu?

He's living in Nevada and was still wrestling on the independent scene before the pandemic.

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