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By Paul Jordan on 2020-06-03 17:23:00

Titus O' Neil sounds off on George Floyd killing, protests in Tampa

Triple H and Shawn Michaels gave comments to Sports Illustrated regarding the NXT women's division.

In her latest column for the Calgary Sun, Natalya wrote about the humanitarian community outreach efforts of Titus O'Neil.

Bobby Lashley did an interview with Digital Spy on what he thinks about his feud with Rusev not really having a good conclusion.

WWE announced the following:

Oh, you didn’t know? Your … well, you know the rest.  Road Dogg, a WWE Hall of Famer, notorious D-Generation X member and, today, one of the creative minds behind WWE NXT, joins Corey Graves on WWE After the Bell this week to dig deep on his transition from New Age Outlaw to a crucial behind-the-scenes role with the black-and-gold brand.  Before NXT TakeOver: In Your House – 25 years after Road Dogg competed at the very first WWE In Your House event – the six-time Tag Team Champion takes us through the creation of this landmark NXT TakeOver event and reveals which NXT Superstars he’s got his eye on.  WWE After the Bell drops every Thursday. 

Bobby Lashley's most powerful moments: WWE Top 10, June 3, 2020

Rock Paper Scissors: Can Mansoor Prevail?


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