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By Mike Johnson & Paul Jordan on 2020-06-03 16:52:00

Online now for subscribers is an exclusive discussion with Impact Wrestling's Chris Bey about his run in the promotion, teaming with Johnny Swinger, the origins of being the "Ultimate Finesser", the Southwest's wrestling scene, why he is proud to represent that area, Willie Mack, wanting to be the X-Division Champion, why fans who have dismissed Impact should give it a chance and much more.

Future episodes of Impact in 60 on AXS will feature:

6/16 - Greatest Impact World Heavyweighty Championship Matches - Kurt Angle and Austin Aries featured.

6/23 - Aces and Eights, including Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray.

6/20 - Mick Foley's Most Epic Battles, vs. Samoa Joe, Sting and more.

Impact Wrestling released the following: Deonna Purrazzo's MESSAGE, Slammiversary MYSTERY, and MORE! | IMPACT Wrestling Backstage

Ethan Page released his latest video-blog...Backstage @ IMPACT! Wrestling Empty Arena TV Tapings Vlog


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