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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-02 09:04:00 reported last night that Rob Gronkowski has executed a release from his WWE deal and will not be working for the company going forward. is told by WWE sources that is accurate.

Gronkowski was originally slated to appear and compete at Summerslam, but with that event no longer taking place in Boston, those plans had been less likely to go forward, especially after Gronkowski opted to return to the National Football League.  He captured the WWE 24/7 title at Wrestlemania 36 and showcased it during media appearances in recent weeks.  R-Truth recaptured the title on last night's episode of Raw.

Gronkowski, who is extremely close to Mojo Rawley, announced his retirement from the NFL only to be later traded to the Tampa Bay Bucaneers in order to return to playing alongside Tom Brady, who had also joined that team.


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