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By Dave Scherer on 2020-06-03 10:00:00

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Do you see Impact Wrestling working some deal with AEW?

Right now?  No, I don’t.  I don’t see what would be in it for AEW.  They have the really good TV slot and the momentum with the hardcore fans at the moment so I don’t see any upside for them.  It would be a big win for Impact if they could do it since they would get exposure on TNT.

Do you feel that because of his neck injury, that we never got to see Steve Austin at his best from an in-ring perspective? I'm certainly not talking about his drawing power or charisma which can never be overstated. Do you think that even if he hadn't been injured we still would have gotten the same down-and-dirty brawling style of matches from Stone Cold based on the nature of his character?

I think it’s fair to say that the injury limited what he could do in WWE (though anyone who saw him in WCW knows how good he was as a worker).  As it turned out, I think it was, I won’t say a blessing but it worked out in his favor because the brawling style was perfect for Austin’s character.  Doing flying moves or being the “mechanic” Vince brought him in to be wouldn’t have been anywhere near as cool as the asskicker he became due to the neck issue.

If WWE wanted to, could they just put Owen Hart in the Hall of Fame without Martha Hart's permission/blessings? It would certainly be in poor taste but realistically, can they just go ahead and do it? 

I don’t see any reason that they couldn’t try.  If they announced him for the Hall, I would not be surprised if the Hart family filed some kind of injunction to stop it though.  It would be a mistake and bad karma if they tried to induct him against the family’s wishes (and I mean Martha and the kids, not the Harts overall).

We know from watching his documentary that Undertaker hated his Wrestlemania match against Roman.  I haven't watched that match since it happened, and maybe my memory of it is overshadowed by the visual of him laying down the coat and hat and the end of the match, but I don't remember thinking that match was particularly bad.  What was your opinion of the quality of the match as it happened?  Is it a case of Taker being hard on himself, or did it stand out to you as particularly bad at the time?

It wasn’t a classic by any means.  They worked hard but it was pretty clear Taker was working in pain.  I understand why he didn’t like the match and why he was considering retirement at the time.

In his second book, Jim Ross gives us the impression that he thinks Vince had it in for him on several occasions.  What do you think Vince had against Ross that he didn't have against others that held JR's same positions in the company?  I don't particularly remember Vince going out of his way to humiliate guys like Cole, Laurinaitis, Pritchard, etc. like he did with Ross.

JR sounded southern and that didn’t fit in with Vince’s view of what his announcer should sound like as they moved on from the Attitude Era into the overscripted era.  Vince wanted a more national sounding voice for his product but JR was beloved and was probably the greatest announcer of all time so Vince had to tread lightly with how he handled him.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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