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By Dave Scherer on 2020-06-01 10:00:00

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You loved AEW’s PPV.  Jim Cornette hated.  Who is right?

We both are!  Everyone has a right to their opinion on what they think wrestling should be.  To Jim, the show was bad.  To me, it was good.  He hated the main event, I loved it and thought it was fun.  It just comes down to what someone wants out of wrestling.  He has said he won’t watch AEW again and that is a good call on his part.  It’s not for him. But neither one of us is right or wrong, we like what we like.

Whenever UT decides to retire, do you see him taking a backstage role? Or just do a few public appearances as brand ambassador? Or just ride the Harley into the sunset and retire?

He’s 55 years old and has young kids at home.  My take is he doesn’t need the weekly grind of working for WWE, especially not at his age.  I can’t say that for sure but I don’t see him taking a regular role.  I could see him mentoring a bit, but not doing it full time.

So Vince really did the “Jeff Hardy was driving drunk” thing?  Why???

For the same reason he did Dr. Heiney to Jim Ross or the storyline with Road Warrior Animal all those years ago, something in his mind thinks it’s entertaining.  I don’t agree with him.

We've seen Old school Raw and Raw reunion. Do you think Nitro night would be a good idea? Dress up Raw to look like Nitro and have special appearances by former WCW talent. Maybe even hire a dance group to perform as the Nitro girls. Obviously not in a crowd less arena but after they have an audience again. I think it could be a fun one night only event and I didn't even like Nitro.

I guess it’s possible but something tells me Vince McMahon isn’t eager to pay homage to a company that had him on the ropes.  I would bet against it happening, at least not as a positive.  He probably doesn’t want to remind lapsed fans that TNT used to have pro wrestling now that they once again air it in the form of AEW.

When WWE and AEW sign these big tv contracts is their a certain rating they must hit and what happens if they don’t hit the rating target? Also can the network cancel them like any other tv show?

Vince McMahon was asked about that on an Earnings conference call and said that they have a rights fee deal, like major sports do.  They aren’t dependent on ratings.  I can’t say for sure if FOX or USA have an out clause if the number drops to a certain point however.  I believe AEW has the same kind of deal.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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