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By Mike Johnson on 2020-05-27 11:59:00

Jared Saint Laurent, MLW COO, recently became engaged.  Our best wishes to the happy couple.

The ongoing CONTRA-Unit storyline continues on with the idea that the group has taken over MLW's Headquarters in New York, forcing the promotion to work remotely.  The latest twist is that the group has control of MLW's contract information and is tampering with the company by forcing new contracts into existence.

MLW National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone's MLW re-signing announcement led to the promotion's website breaking its record for visits in a one day period.  Hammerstone recently sat down with for an 84 minute discussion about his journey in pro wrestling, why he wants to be a MLW "company" man, early experiences in West Coast promotions, finding confidence, early TV appearances, comparisons to Triple H and how that started, why he made sure to get away from that and change how he was seen, what led him to MLW, the moment his contract was offered to him, building the Dynasty, how a tour of Pro Wrestling NOAH changed how he looked at wrestling, wrestling Davey Boy Smith Jr. on the first MLW PPV, Contra-Unit taking over the promotion, why he wants Jacob Fatu in the ring, building the National Openweight Championship, keeping himself together during the quarantine, MLW Anthology, goals, the MLW Opera Cup on PPV next week and tons more.

Hammerstone is also preparing for an upcoming weightlifting competition on the west coast.

The promotion has released new shirts for The Von Erichs and Alicia Atout.

They are teasing Savio Vega vs. Richard Holliday for the Caribbean title taking place in Puerto Rico.

There will be a new member added to the Injustice stable.  The storyline is that Kotto Brazil is gone from the company due to the CONTRA attacks.

The promotion is working on several new signings.


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