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By Dave Scherer on 2020-05-27 10:00:00

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I think Brodie Lee has a lot of talent but his gimmick just isn’t working for me.  He looks like a monster but wears a suit.  Then he comes out in that odd attire to wrestle.  Do you like his character?

It’s funny you mention that.  For weeks now, Mike Epsenhart and myself have been talking on the FMB how the Lee character isn’t working for us and how we hoped that after he lost to Mox, he would get a reboot.  It was really hammered home by Lance Archer.  Both men are huge and scary looking, but only Archer comes across as an actual monster.  Lee needs to have that incorporated into what he does.  A little guy can wear a suit and pretend he’s Vince McMahon.  A big guy should be a monster.

I was wondering if you could help me rationalize Jim Cornette's hatred for modern wrestling. The more I listen to him the more he seems to not only contradict his hatred towards people but he makes himself out to be a lunatic. He criticizes Kenny Omega for allegedly blowing off a Final Battle show in ROH to take a booking In Japan. He takes it personally but it's not his company nor was he the booker nor did he lose any money.  Do you think that he has crossed the line and should be felt with by people in the industry or by the people who fund his podcast especially given the circumstances with Hana Kimura being cyber bullied.

I don’t think there is anything to rationalize.  Cornette has his opinion of what wrestling is and that’s what he gives his listeners.  We all see the business differently and that doesn’t need to be explained or rationalized since the business is so subjective.  I don’t see anything wrong with a fan or observer taking issue when a wrestler double books himself.  I remember when Sabu did the same thing in ECW the building in Philadelphia was really ticked when he no-showed us.  An no, I don’t think he is cyber bullying anyone.  He is not going to them, you are going to him.  He does his podcast.  It’s up to you to choose whether you listen to it or not.  He has his forum and his commentary stays there.

Since there is actually a room in WWE headquarters that is officially called the "Money in the Bank Boardroom," does that mean Vince likes the concept so much that it's pretty much here to stay, no matter how stale the concept has become?

Yep, that’s exactly what it means.  He likes it and it gives him a theme for one of his PPVs every year.  

With the pandemic going on, I figured the Saturday pay-per-view from All Elite Wrestling might be free, like some previous AEW shows, but instead they are charging the full price of $50. There are obstacle to overcome for this show such as limited wrestlers, and the inability to do longer builds, but with that said, I have no doubt they will give everything they have to put on a great show. What are your thoughts on this?

I actually think they did a fantastic job building up the show, to the point I couldn’t wait to buy it.  I would have loved to have seen a lower price tag on it too, but all their partners would have had to agree to that (if AEW even wanted to do it in the first place).  I didn’t expect it would be made free, but that would have been cool too.  With that said, I also get why they went ahead with business as normal.  I know that $50 is a lot for a PPV in the current environment, both with the pandemic and with other streaming options so much cheaper, but I will also say that if you bought the show, you got your money’s worth.  I really, really enjoyed it.

I heard some pundit talk about when pandemic is over, WWE will never go back to house shows. Could this be true and if so how does this affect the wrestlers? 

It’s too soon to say what will happen down the road.  My take is that whenever they can do live shows again WWE should ease back into it slowly.  Attendance has been down for years so if it’s me, here’s what I do.  I start the Smackdown wrestler’s week on Friday.  They then work house shows Saturday and non-PPV talent.  The Raw talent starts on Saturday and works the same shows.  They do TV on Monday.  So both brands will have shorter work weeks, which is best for all involved.  WWE can gauge whether they need to add more shows or not when they see how well the combined shows do.  If it’s me, I would rather do two shows than four on the weekend.  Of course, tours are different.  WWE can make it up to the wrestlers since the house show bonuses are done at their discretion anyway.

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