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By Kendall Jenkins on 2020-05-23 07:35:00

WWE Stars are famous for their intense performances in the ring. But, are they as flamboyant and extravagant in their real lives? Well yes! Who does not like to have a great car whether it’s new or second hand with clean history

There’s a long list of former and current WWE Superstars who have some crazy expensive cars and have even expanded their garages over the years to accommodate their fancy vehicles. Some of them have taken this game to the next level by ordering custom-made cars incredibly designed to meet their lifestyle.

Top 4Expensive Cars of WWE Superstars

If you are a car enthusiast with a passion of driving a lavish vehicle or a compact second hand encumbrance free car, you are surely going to love some of the greatest and most iconic cars owned by WWE Superstars. Have a look at them below:

Jeep Wrangler - The Miz

Michael Mizanin, famous with the name Miz among his fans, is the star of WWE’s younger generation. He has enjoyed has a great WWE career and then splashed some of his income on glamorous Jeep Wrangler. 

The car holds a street value of about $40,000 but Miz highly modified this car and customized it according to his own specifications - obviously increasing its value much higher. Miz also owns Audi R8 but while talking in an interview, he explained that he cannot go shopping in this car so he bought a new one. 

Bentley Continental GT - Vince McMahon's

Vince McMahon is the chairman of WWE and, with the money he has, can afford anything and everything that many other WWE champs can only dream of.  It’s no surprise that McMahon loves to collect cars and owns great range of lavish cars including Bentley Continental GT. 

According to reports, he purchased this car in $200,000 and then spent another $100,000 on the sound system. He has been very lucky with Bentley because it was stolen once and then found in the Bronx in 2015. Afterward, he faced a minor car accident in this car but remained uninjured. 

Lamborghini – Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is of the most popular and polarizing wrestler of WWE. Being the star he is, Reigns makes sure to set new records of cars that only champions can afford. 

Roman Reigns owns a variety of top-notch cars but the most prized possession that he has in his garage is Lamborghini worth around $200,000. He has also bought Toyota Fortuner that cost him about $47,890. 

Pagani Huayra - The Rock

From WWE to Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is many things – the top of all is a massive human being. He owns many classic cars but the most expensive vehicle in his garage is Pagani Huayra Supercar worth $3.5 billion. 

You might not believe that 6’4 wide-chested wrestler can fit inside this low riding car but The Rock managed to do so. He also drove Pagani Huayra to the premiere of famous HBO show Ballers. 


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