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By Mike Johnson on 2020-05-22 16:44:00

This weekend's Ring of Honor TV will focus on Dragon Lee.

Kenny King wrote a remembrance of the late Shad Gaspard for ROH's website at this link.

No decision has been made yet on ROH live events resuming.

ROH is holding a 50% off sale on 2017 event DVDs at

ROH will be soon hosting another trivia night on Zoom.

We have two exclusive interviews now online with ROH stars Quinn McKay and Joe Hendry for Elite subscribers.  McKay discusses, among other topics, her journey in pro wrestling, training in Missouri, being discovered by Jonathan Gresham and invited to ROH, her interview style, uprooting her entire life and moved to Maryland, her time in roller derby, Ace Steele's kindness, what star inspired her to get in the business, the former ROH Champion she studies on Honor Club, what she's been doing to remain sane during the quarantine, waiting to make her ROH in-ring debut, working with Ian Riccaboni, her trademark bowties and tons more.   Hendry discusses the viral parody songs he's written, traveling to Las Vegas only to land and learn ROH's anniversary weekend was canceled, Marty Scurll joining ROH Creative, how ROH has taken care of everyone that works for the company, life in Scotland currently, his team with Dalon Castle and much more.  Both are great, in-depth discussions.  We've had 12 ROH stars on since June and all of the conversations have been great conversations and well worth checking out in our Elite archives.

McKay will be launching a new ROH series "ROH Week by Week" this coming Monday.

Hendry and Castle will be the guests on the ROH Strong podcast this coming week as well.

ROH's Kevin Eck has some interesting stories about ROH personalities having odd occurences after visiting a haunted musuem in Vegas at this link.

Mandy Leon has relaunched her YouTube channel:



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