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By Dave Scherer on 2020-05-24 10:00:00

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Do you think it makes look WWE bad that AEW does COVID-19 testing while they don’t?

Yes, I do.  To me, there is no excuse for not testing the talents.  Not only does AEW do testing, but UFC has done it too.  When you are asking people to lock up and wrestle, they should be tested first.  I love that AEW announced it on TV because it makes it a lot more fun to watch the show knowing that no one tested positive.  WWE really should follow suit.

Also, why is it that AEW has adapted so much better to the new normal than WWE?  Their shows have been more fun and the way they have people around the ring makes it so much more fun to watch.

I think it just comes down to the boss of each company has approached the pandemic much differently.  Tony Khan has seen it one way while Vince McMahon sees it another way.  To be fair, NXT has done as much as they can with their TV under the WWE hierarchy.  But all WWE has to do is look at last night's Double Or Nothing PPV to see how much better AEW is than their product right now.

I watched the Owen Hart Dark Side of the ring.  How can anyone not understand why Owen Hart isn’t in the WWE Hall Of Fame after hearing that his wife and children don’t want him in there?

Honestly, I have said that for years.  I get that his fans think he deserves it, and he certainly does, but to me if someone can’t understand why Martha doesn’t want her husband go into the Hall Of Fame of the company that was responsible for his death, there’s nothing I can say to convince them.  They just lack empathy.

I’ve seen people suggest Vince Russo being hired to fix WWE ratings. Do you think these same people would rather see Becky and Seth’s future paternal rights defended on a pole/forklift like Judy Bagwell? Or maybe on top of the triple cage with David Arquette fighting for custody too?

Russo has his fans and they love his vision of wrestling.  I don’t share their view (and thankfully neither does any big company out there right now).  But, his fans are loyal, I will give them that.

I was just reading a recent Q&A about Sheamus's return and was wondering if WWE ever acknowledged why he and Cesaro have zero association with one another.  I don't recall ever seeing it considering they never had a breakup and are on the same brand. 

As memory serves, Cesaro got drafted to Raw after Sheamus got injured, so that was the end of the team.  I enjoyed the work of The Bar while they were a team.

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