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By Dave Scherer on 2020-05-19 10:00:00

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Something has me very stumped. Although I'm not a big fan of his, Sami Zayn chose not to compete after Wrestlemania due to COVID-19 concerns for which I totally respect him. He is made to vacate the Intercontinental Championship. Knowing this, why wasn't Andrade made to give up his US Championship when he wouldn't be able to defend it in that 30 day period?

In Andrade’s case, they knew when he would be back.  He never said he didn’t want to work due to the virus and they knew that when his suspension was up, he would be back.  Sami doesn’t want to work during the pandemic, which is his right.  But WWE also has a right to carry on with business and with no one knowing how long the pandemic will go on, they chose to take the title out of limbo.

So, Becky Lynch gets pregnant. (Congrats!) What's the protocol? Does she go straight to Vince? Trips/Steph? Or, does she start with a minion?

My guess would be she would go to the head of talent relations and inform him.

I'm sure you guys may get this question quite a bit this week, but do you think there may be any backlash towards Seth Rollins over Becky's pregnancy?  Although happy for the couple, you have to admit it's not exactly the best timing since she is pretty much the number one female in the business right now. 

I could understand backlash for a lot of reasons but that would be a stretch for me.  Couples have sex, and sometimes a baby happens.  That is just life.  Plus WWE is pretty short handed on top talents right now.  Seth is important to them.

Considering how they are using Drake Maverick as the ultimate sympathetic underdog in the cruiserweight tournament, is there a good chance that his release was a work in order to get him over as a sympathetic character who beats the odds and saves his job?  Or, if he really is gone after the tournament, now that they see they have something in him the fans can really get behind, how soon can WWE re-sign him if they wanted to?

Everyone we have spoke to told us that it was not a work when he was released.  I think they have done a great job of turning lemons into lemonade and who knows, maybe it will get Drake his spot back.  WWE doesn’t have to release him if they don’t want to.

We all know how incredible the Rock vs. Hogan match at Wrestlemania 18 was.  It's hard to imagine Hogan having a better match that day with anyone else considering the great match they had and the off-the charts crowd reactions they got, but hypothetically, if they put Austin in that spot against Hogan at WM18, how do you think that match would have played out, and would it have equaled the match we got with Rock in it?

My guess is no because Austin was limited at that point and couldn’t do all that Rock did.  Plus, I think that Rock’s charisma meshes better with Hogan’s so I think that was the perfect match up of talents.

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