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By MikeJohnson on 2020-05-17 10:00:00


What happened to Awesome Kong in AEW?

She took time off to make the new season of GLOW for Netflix.

I have no one else to ask so I will ask you.  I split with my ex-girlfriend but before we split, I ordered each of us signed copies of the Bellas' book and I just received them.  I was wondering if I was should still give it to her.  We haven't spoken in six weeks, she won't answer my calls or texts and when I tried to go to her job, she ignored me (she's an essential worker) when she saw me.  I was thinking of mailing it or dropping it off at her apartment but I can't enter without getting buzzed into her building.  She's a huge Bellas fan and I don't want her to be without the book but since we had a big fight over her brother and broke up, I don't know what the right thing to do is.  What do you suggest?

I suggest you take the loss.  I am running this on the small chance this isn't a joke, but if it isn't, tune into reality FM.  It's over.  Don't ever go to her job in the middle of a quarantine again and seriously, stop contacting her.  Every time you do, you are making it worse for yourself and honestly, if anyone you know reads this, you are making yourself look pretty bad.  If she wants a Bellas book that bad she'll get it and she obviously don't need or want to get it from you. Trying to get a book to her is not the way back to her heart, I can assure you.  It's the way to getting an order to protection.  Take the loss, brush yourself off, move on and seriously, don't contact her again.

When wrestlers worked for a territory, was it against the rules to go work independent shows?

There were no such things as indy shows in those days.  If you worked for a promoter and worked for a rival in the same area, that was pretty much cutting your own throat.  It just didn't happen if you wanted to stay employed, especially if you were working for a NWA member, since they could all close ranks and ice you out of work.

What is the NWA's Carnyland?

A land of carnys!  Seriously, I don't know yet.

Any chance of Zeus in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Sure, I can see them putting him in the celebrity wing one day.  He headlined WWF PPVs and No Holds Barred has a nice nostalgic love that surrounds it.  Why not?

Who is the next WWE star you'd like to see a documentary about in the vein of Ric Flair and Andre the Giant?

I always look to Roddy Piper.  He was the antagonist that create the spark for Wrestlemania.  How do you not want to document everything you can?  I also think Pedro Morales would be an interesting choice.

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