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By Dave Scherer on 2020-05-16 11:41:00

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I don’t have FS1 and Backstage is not on The Network or Hulu. Do you know if and/or when it will air on the network? I can watch it on youtube but not everything is there. 

At this point in time, it won't be airing there.  It's owned by FOX, not WWE.

If Becky Lynch should come back, say late January/early February, in other words Wrestlemania season, how well do you see her getting over? I know the fans will be happy. But I’m surprised that Vince kept the title on her as long as he did (although I’m very happy he did), so do you think she will have a chance at another title run or do you think she lost all her momentum by vacating the title? Vince can be a little wishy washy to say the least, but do you think he would hold her vacating the title against her? Or could she end up like Nattie, doing very little? I know you cant read Vince’s mind, just looking for your opinion based on your experience.

OK, let's do some math.  She is due in December, so she got pregnant in March.  Mania was the first weekend in April, she probably didn't even know yet that she was pregnant so it's not like there is anything to hold against here.  Also doing math, If she has the baby in December I think coming back in three months is asking a lot.  It takes time to get back in shape after having a baby and she may not be ready to go back taking bumps that soon after her birth.  Plus, as we saw with Brie Bella, it can take some time to get timing back after giving birth.  So to me, SummerSlam would probably be the earliest big show that I would expect a potential return.  I think whenever she wants to come back, she will be greeted with open arms by WWE.

On the Road Warriors episode of Dark Side, I think it was Nikita Koloff who said that Minneapolis was a wrestling mecca of sorts. Would you agree with this sentiment?

At the time he is referring to?  Absolutely.  A lot of great talent came out of the area and the AWA was based there, cultivating it.  Minnesota definitely was a talent mecca back then.

What do you think is the likelihood of Too Cool inducted into the Hall of Fame?

I could see them getting in.  The only thing that I could see maybe keeping them out is the death of Brian Christopher but down the road, I could see them getting in.  They were a fun act during The Attitude Era.

What does the fact that Erick Rowan's pet was "killed" just one week after it was revealed to be a fake robot tell us about how poorly conceived the whole pet angle was, and what was the whole point of it?  Was the pet always supposed to be fake when revealed?

Honestly, I think you put a lot more thought into it than they did.  I never asked any source about the angle because honestly, I think it stunk from the start and I didn’t care enough to ask about it.

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