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By Mike Johnson on 2020-05-12 10:15:00

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins will welcome their first child this December, according to a People Magazine interview with Lynch.  If we do that math, that would mean Lynch likely worked Wrestlemania 36 while pregnant as that was taped in late March, which would be nine months before December. Lynch noted she learned she was pregnant in April, so she wasn't aware yet.  Obviously, that's why she hadn't been traveling to WWE TV in Orlando.  Lynch is still a hell of a warrior and will obviously be missed by the company.

Lynch's farewell promo was taped yesterday at the WWE Performance Center.  We are told that Asuka didn't know when she taped Money in the Bank (4/15) that she was actually winning the Raw Women's title as WWE kept all discussion private.  There were a number of people who were there at the taping yesterday who legitimately had no idea Lynch was pregnant until the segment was taped.  

For those of you who have asked whether Asuka knew Becky was going to make the announcement, we have no confirmation on that either way.

We are told there is absolutely no timetable for Lynch's potential return, at all.   Motherhood is the priority right now, as it certainly should be.

Lynch told People Magazine that she had accomplished everything she has wanted to in WWE, remarking, "I don't know what the next chapter is because I only know what it's like to think for myself when I'm by myself.  So I don't know what it'll look like and how my priorities shift and what I'm going to want in the future. So, everything's open." 

It should be noted there's been a lot of talk of Lynch getting more involved in pursuing acting projects in recent months.

Lynch also noted she and Rollins had set a wedding for this month but that has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We have gotten several emails about this, but no, Lynch taking time off has zero bearing on a potential Ronda Rousey return to the company.  Rousey isn't going to change her personal calendar to return because Lynch is taking time off and it's silly to think otherwise.  If and when Rousey returns, that will be her call.  She remains under contract until next year.

Obviously, everyone at sends our best wishes to Rollins and Lynch and their respective families on the impending new addition!

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