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By Dave Scherer on 2020-05-13 10:00:00

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I saw Roman Reigns’ picture on the wall during the Money In The Bank match.  Does that mean WWE doesn’t hate him after all?

If I had a gun to my head and had to answer the question, “Is Vince McMahon happy Roman put his family first?”  I would say no.  With that said, I think if/when Roman is ready to come back, it will all be forgotten.  Let’s be real, if Reigns didn’t work WrestleMania, he isn’t going to come back until things normalize so it would make no sense for WWE to mention him on TV now.  He is not in the “legend” category of say a John Cena, who stops by occasionally.  He is a full timer so if you mention him on TV and he doesn’t appear, it confuses the viewer.  It makes sense to keep him in the background until he returns.

I keep hearing about the MLW promotion and want it give it a shot. With most of their episodes available on Youtube. what is a good jumping in point and what are some memorable matches I should go back and look at?

There stuff has been good for years now.  I would go back in time and start at least two years back.  The further you go back, the more stuff you have to watch going forward!

When AJ and Bryan were in MITB and ended up fighting in Vince’s office, why was Vince in his office doing paperwork during his own pay-per-view? Was he preparing more releases?

Good question.  I also wonder how Brother Love got in late at night to take a dump, and who invited Johnny Ace to the party.

What happened to The Fiend? They've been using Bray since the loss to Goldberg. Do you think the loss to Goldberg damaged him irreparably or is he too difficult to book given the way they were booking him or has he run his course? Quite frankly I think by booking him as almost indestructible, they made it hard for themselves.

He was put on hold to do the “I want to bring you back into the family” stuff with Braun.  It seems like after the loss to Braun, he will be back soon as Bray flashed the Demon eyes to the camera.

What exactly was the point of the "ceremony" the Undertaker had in the ring after his loss to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 33?  Turns out he didn't actually retire, nor did he stop appearing as the "Deadman" in later shows, so unless he did plan on retiring and was talked out of it or had second thoughts later on, it all seemed for nothing. 

That was exactly why he did it, in case that was the end.  You should watch the new documentary about it on the WWE Network.  It will explain it all to you.

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