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By Mike Johnson on 2020-05-11 16:30:00

Several weeks ago, Major League Wrestling teased the idea of Mike Tyson appearing in a MLW ring.

While it would appear at a first glance that this was just MLW attempting to grab some attention for themselves, we are told that there have actually been at least one conversation with Tyson's team about potentially doing something down the line.  It should be noted that ICM Partners represent both Tyson and MLW, so that is likely the bridge between the two signs.

MLW's website noted several days ago that Low Ki was interesting in facing Tyson in a MLW ring, which would be an insane sight to see happen, so the company continues to tease his potential involvement.  The reality is that nothing is close to done but there is absolutely smoke to the fire here.  Whether the talks evolve into anything more concrete remains to be seen.  It's way too early to know what will happen here but there is some enthusiasm with MLW that they are on the right road to locking something in for down the line if and when things return to normal in the world.

Tyson, who has been training for a return to boxing for exhibition bouts, is said to have received a big figure offer for the first of those bouts, so they would obviously take precedence over any dalliance with pro wrestling.

Tyson is a lifelong wrestling fan.  He was famously was the guest referee when Steve Austin won the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania XIV,, a storyline that helped change the trajectory of the Monday Night War in the 199os.  Tyson also wrestled once on Monday Night Raw, teaming with Chris Jericho against Shawn Michaels and Triple H in November 2010.  Whether he returns to a pro wrestling ring remains to be seen.

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