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By Mike Johnson on 2020-05-11 10:51:00

The Money in the Bank Ladder Match was filmed at WWE HQ (aka Titan Tower) on Wednesday 4/15 over the course of a long day and evening in Stamford, CT.    The material was shot very similar to a TV show or movie with a lot of different camera angles shot one after the other and then post-produced.  WWE also did some pick-up shots to add to the final product. 

AJ Styles was always slated for the match, so the theory he was a last minute addition is not correct, since the match was produced before his "surprise" return in the Gauntlet to replace the "injured" Apollo Crews.

They did not actually shoot the MITB match in order and did not actually "fight their way up" the building.  There was material shot in the lobby, first floor (Gym),  the third floor, the second floor, the fourth floor (Vince McMahon's office), back to another part of the second floor, then another part of the fourth floor before climaxing on the roof of the building.

Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black, despite the impression they had been tossed off the roof of the building, were actually tossed into an area that wasn't lit that had a crash pad set up on top of rows of cardboard boxes, so they didn't have to bump onto the roof of the building. 

Since we received quite a few emails asking about this one, yes, The Money in the Bank Conference Room is legitimately a real room in the building.  That is the official name of the room and yes, the briefcase with the money that Dana Brooke took down legitimately hangs from the ceiling.  It was not a prop set up just for the match.

The scene with AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan putting their chairs back in Vince McMahon's office, we are told, was 100% a reference to the fact that it's well known within the company that if you have a meeting with McMahon, you had better return your chair to where it was before you sat down.

The T-Rex skull in Vince McMahon's office was actually a gift from Triple H from several years ago.  Yes, that is always in McMahon's office and at one point, was put on display at Wrestlemania AXXESS.

Kane Prichard, the son of Bruce Prichard, portrayed the janitor in the scene with Asuka.

The room with the wrestling ropes is actually part of the theming outside the elevator doors on the third floor.  Each of the floors have a different, unique theme.     The first floor has different screens to play off the company's tech department.  The second floor has several WWE pinball machines in front of theming designed to look as if you are on a WWE stage looking towards a ring.  The fourth floor with where executive offices are situated.  There is no real discernable theme outside of the elevator doors on that floor.

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