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By Mike Johnson on 2020-05-10 18:08:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing WWE Money in the Bank 2020 PPV coverage!

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Tonight's show will feature live broadcasts from the WWE Performance Center and a pre-taped Money in the Bank Ladder match from WWE HQ in Stamford, CT which will feature a more cinematic presentation as they filmed it several weeks ago and did additional pick-up shots after.


Scott Stanford and Peter Rosenberg are in the WWE digital studio as the hosts.  They ran down the lineup for the PPV.

They aired a video feature on Braun Strowman defending the WWE Universal Championship against Bray Wyatt.

At WWE HQ, Alyse Ashton was in the lobby surrounded by WWE Hall of Fame statues.  She broke down the rules of the Ladder Match noting the competitors will fight their way to the roof, using whatever they find at their disposal.  She had the exact same speech pattern and cadance as every other WWE interviewer.

They aired highlights of Top Ten Moments from past Money in the Bank PPV events.

They showed clips of Dana Brooke on The Bump, noting that she's trying to improve and earn her place.  Renee Young, JBL and Booker T via skype from their homes went over predictions for the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match.  Booker called Shayna Baszler as the winner.  \

Backstage, Kayla Braxton interviewed WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions The New Day.  She noted that in their Fatal Four Way tonight, they could lose the titles without getting pinned themselves.  They won't run from a challenge.  They promised they would come on top, because New Day rocks.  Usual super-hyper, fun promo from New Day.

They aired a video package on Tamina Snuka to build her for tonight's WWE Intercontinental Championship match.

Jeff Hardy vs. Cesaro

They locked up.  Cesaro was sent into the ropes but tackled Hardy down for a two count.  They grappled in the ring but Cesaro caught Hardy in a side headlock, grinding away to wear him down.  Hardy reversed and was sent into the ropes, this time being the one who tackled Cesaro down.  Hardy nailed an atomic drop and snapmared Cesaro over,.

Hardy went to the floor and charged, diving off the steps at Cesaro, but was caught and slammed down across the barricade, crashing over to outside the ringside area,  Hardy was almost counted out but made it back inside the ring in time.  Cesaro used his boot to squeeze Hardy's face into the mat, then choked him against the ropes.  He snapped Hardy's neck into the ropes.

Cesaro continued working over Hardy, scoring several two counts.  Hardy reversed a whip into the corner and nailed a right hand.  He drilled Cesaro with a kick that sent him to the outside.  Hardy dropkicked Cesaro through the ropes.  He went to whip Cesaro into the the digital ring apron but  Swiss star reversed it and Hardy nailled them hard.  Cesaro tossed him into the ring and nailed a legdrop off the ropes on Hardy for a two count.

Cesaro continued working over Hardy's ribs and scored several two counts.  He cinched in an abdominal stretch.  Hardy fought his way out with a hiptoss but wasn't quick to rebound, leaving Cesaro the ability to attack him with a flurry of strikes for a near fall.  Cesaro nailed a suplex for a two count.   He cinched in a deep chinlock.  Hardy rallied and battled free, nailing an atomic drop and a cruncher for a two count.  

Hardy fought off Cesaro in the corner and nailed Whisper in the Wind for a two count.  Cesaro battled back with big uppercuts but was caught with a backslide for a two count.  Hardy snapped him with the Twist of Fate (Yes, Michael Cole called it that, as did Corey Graves) but Cesaro kicked out of the move.   Cesaro cut off Hardy and scored several two counts.  Cesaro went for the Gotch Neutralizer but was backdropped over.  He landed on his feet and drilled Hardy with a lariat for a two count.

Hardy rolled to the floor.  Cesaro drilled him with a big running uppercut.  Cesaro went to whip Hardy into the steps but Hardy reversed and Cesaro crashed over the steps.  The story was that he hit knee first, which he had been selling earlier.  Hardy tossed him into the ring and scored the pin after a swanton off the top.

Your winner, Jeff Hardy!

This was OK, but may have been a little too long.  They told a good story and Cesaro especially looked crisp in the ring.  The story of the match was such that Cesaro really controlled the bout but the knee issues led to Hardy getting a surprise win, more or less.  The idea is that this is Hardy's last run.

They showed a clip of AJ Styles on The Bump ducking how he escaped the grave in the Boneyard match and returned to Raw.  He said he's going to capitalize and win the briefcase as it's the easiest way back to the WWE Championship.

Alyce again promoted the MITB Ladder Match from Stamford.  

JBL said he has no idea how the match is going to play out since it's never happened before.  He said that it's one of the most secure places he's ever been and you need a key card to get through the doors.  He doesn't know if they are turning all that off.  It's like a maze in there.  He said that Aleister Black has a great shot of winning.  Booker said his favorite memory is JBL doing the weather report from the roof.  Booker said that one of his favorite Bruce Lee movies is Game of Death where Lee had to battle his way through a building to find Kareem Abdul-Jabar waiting for him.  Renee wondered why no one was giving love to Otis.  JBL said Mandy Rose's animal rescue has no chance.  Renee thought Baron Corbin might have the upper hand because he's won MITB before, but pondered whether any previous experience will factor here.

They showed some additional classic MITB moments from the past.  The #1 was Seth Rollins cashing in at Wrestlemania in San Jose, but again, they didn't show him pinning Roman Reigns.

They keep noting Titan Tower has ten stories.  That's storyline.   There's three floors, not including the garage and lobby.  If you include the roof that's eight levels.

They closed out the Kickoff Show discussed WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins.


WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions The New Day vs. The Forgotten Sons vs. Lucha House Party vs. John Morrison & The Miz

Gran Metallik and Kofi Kingston started out going back and forth.  Cutler tagged in and controlled the ring.  Metallik nailed a springboard back elbow on The Forgotten Sons.   Morrison met Metallik on the top and Metallik nailed a Spanish Fly to the outside atop of everyone on the floor fighting.    Back in the ring, Cutler cut off Metallik and continued controlling the ring as he and Wesley Blake tagged in and out.

They noted #MITB was the number one trend in the United States currently.

Dorado finally made the hot tag and cleaned house, hitting a big Asai Moonsault on Morrison for a two count.  He nearly pinned Morrison but Blake broke up the pinfall.  Kofi tried to come off the ropes but was dropkicked by Morrison and wiped out.  Miz tagged in but was double stomped down by Kofi for a two count.  Kingston went for Trouble in Paradise but Miz caught his leg and went for the figure four leglock.  Kofi kicked him off but was attacked by Cutler.  New Day regained control and nailed a double-team maneuver for a two count on Cutler.

Morrison knocked Kofi off the ropes to the floor.  The Forgotten Sons worked over Big E but Miz tagged himself in.  He and Morrison cleared the ring.  Morrison nailed Moonlight Drive but the pinfall was broken up.  Lucha House Party began whipping out all sorts of big moves.  Metallik made a blind tag to Lince Dorado, who drilled Big E.  The Party worked over E with a splash off the top by Dorado and a flying elbow by Metallik but The Forgotten Sons broke up the pinfall.

The Sons charged Big E but he backdropped them over the top to the floor.  Kofi dove off the apron on one but Cutler sent him into the ringpost.  Big E nailed Cutler and was going to nail a dive but Jaxson Ryker pulled him out of the ring.  The referee ejected him even though there is no DQ in the match.  Everyone was down and trying to recover from wherever they were down and out.

Metallik went for a springboard splash on E, who rolled through and slammed him with the Big Ending, scoring the pin.

Your winners and still WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions, The New Day!

An OK Four Way that had decent pacing and lots of sequences.  Everyone looked good.

They plugged Undertaker - The Last Ride's debut.  You can find my review elsewhere on the site.

They aired an interview from Lacey Evans from earlier this week.  She said she has memorized the entire WWE HQ layout.  She is ready to climb the roof of Titan Tower and capture the briefcase for a title shot anytime she wants.  The woman's right is ready for you anytime she wants.  Promo was fine.

Charly Caruso interviewed WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.  He wished everyone a happy Mother's Day.  She reviewed that Drew defeated Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 36 and tonight is facing someone who has also beaten Brock, Seth Rollins.  She said people were looking at him as an underdog.  He said that everyone who knows his story and his ups and downs knows he's David, not Goliath.  Seth is phenomenal but there's a little thing called heart, called passion, called desire.  He's worked his entire life to win the WWE title and he's not going to lose it tonight.  Seth can't close his mouth, so Drew is going to break his jaw.

R-Truth vs. MVP.

Truth came out doing his song and acted like the crowd was there with his mic work, even though the Performance Center was empty.  MVP came out with his Black Panther-inspired gear.

They went back and forth arguing, but before they could lock up, out came Bobby Lashley.    He was dressed to wrestle.  He told MVP that he's got the match and can take the night off.  MVP said, "That's what's up."

Truth said he was going to take the night too too but Lashley didn't want to hear it. Truth tried to get away but was caught in the corner and beaten down.  Lashley nailed a big Beel toss out of the corner.   Lashley charged but was kicked off in the corner.  Lashley rebounded immediately and nailed Truth with a spinebuster.  Lashley went for a suplex but Truth slipped out and nailed a scissors kicks.  Lashley destroyed him with a spear and pinned him.

Your winner, Bobby Lashley!

Very much a squash with Lashley working a pissed, aggressive style.

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