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By Mike Johnson on 2020-05-09 10:00:00

is Atlas security a legitimate security company or are they mostly independent wrestlers like WWE's fake security? What is the History of Atlas security?

Atlas Security is a security firm based in Long Island, NY.  They had been doing boxing events and were brought into the original ECW by Steve Karel, who was the general manager of the company to handle security at ECW events in New York City, which had become pretty rowdy.  They eventually were hired to take over all of ECW's security.  When the company closed, they handled security for a number of other wrestling companies, including TNA and also handle security for events in the New York City market.  They are not former independent wrestlers, but have hired independent wrestlers from time to time to work for the company.

Are these new MLW PPVs actually new or old material?  I can't see them running live shows on a Thursday?

No, they are older events that have been repurposed into three hour broadcasts.

What happened with that Matt Striker baby daddy show on FOX?  Did he win?

The show debuts later this month.

What was the worst travel experience you ever had covering wrestling?

I can think of a few, like driving from Alabama to Atlanta in the middle of a tornado warning with nowhere to shelter down.  I have had horrible turbulence on flights and delayed and things like that but I think the absolute worst was waiting 6 hours for a fight that was slated to leave at 6 PM and return to NYC at 8:30 PM from Charlotte after covering a convention weekend.  At 1 AM, they canceled the flight (which meant I had been in the airport since 3 - 4 PM waiting) and tried to rebook me for 4 days later.  I asked if there was anything else they could do and was told there was a 5:30 AM out of Greensboro, which then meant I had to rent a car and drive, exhausted, all the way there for the next three hours, make it onto the plane 3 minutes before takeoff, fly to Boston and wait three hours to then fly to NYC, landing at 4 PM, 22 hours after I was originally supposed to land.  It was, as they say, the sh**s.   It truly sucked but compared to what pro wrestlers deal with on a weekly basis with travel woes, I have zero to complain about!  That is a side of what they deal with that very few truly have a window into.

When did DirecTV start carrying PPVs again?

About a year of so ago if you mean WWE.  They never dropped PPVs completely, but had an issue with WWE.


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