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By Dave Scherer on 2020-05-11 10:00:00

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I'm from Canada so I don't know what the rules are like in the U.S, but here, you can have 10 people-sized gatherings. If you're a wrestling company, isn't even 10 socially distanced fans better than none?

I have been saying that since day one so I agree with you (and myself).  Some people making noise is better than the dead silence we get on WWE TV right now.

They have had many technically great wrestling matches, but after seeing their recent "entertainment" match on Impact this week, do The North deserve more credit for being such a well-rounded, any situation tag team?

They are really good.  Mike Johnson made the same point on our show last week.  They are really good.

I have not been watching NXT for that long, so most of the wrestlers are new to me. And I was very curious about the debut of Karrion Kross, because of the way everyone seemed hyped about it. But I must have missed something. Because I was very unimpressed with him, his entrance, and his style. To me, he seemed like Dexter Lumis Pt2. And his choke hold finisher; since when are chokes allowed? I guess I must have missed that change. I know I am probably in the minority here with my thoughts, but what did you think, and is there anything you can tell me to understand this any better?

I loved it.  He looked like a star and a killer.  Scarlett is great.  I loved it.  I can’t make you love it though, you like what you like.  By the way, I have enjoyed the development of Lumis as well.

How much of a lack of WWE creating new stars over the past 10 – 15 years is hurting the viewership for all companies in your view? I ask because AEW and NXT the real wrestling shows that cater solely to the hardcore fan, well they were around back in the day in the form of ECW. The content was a little different but the target was the same, and they had and have in AEW/NXT case now smaller more loyal audiences. But, if you compare the money AEW have, the sets and arena’s then they should be more a WCW in today’s age competing with WWE. But without big stars, what would WCW have done in 1995? WWE have preferred to build their brand as the headline opposed to the days when fans would clamor to see Hogan, Rock, Austin and with that, there are no big names to fans to want to tune in to see, or for AEW to try and steal (minus Jericho).

I have said for years that a lot of the diminishing audience for Raw has a lot to do with the lack of star power on the shows.  Fans identify with characters, especially when those characters get to show their real personality.  That is what got guys like Rock and Austin over.  Their “Vince” persona that they were given?  No.  Their own persona?  Yep.  Wrestling is supposed to be fun and a lot of that comes from improvisational stuff that has been taken away in the current overly scripted WWE environment.  I would love to see the company go back to bullet point promos and allow the talents to work based off of how the crowd is reacting but that isn’t what Vince McMahon wants to do.  

What do you think about the selective editing on the Go-Home Edition of Raw for Money in the Bank? The #1 MITB rewind moment made it appear that Seth (The Messiah) pinned Lesnar, instead of the real finish of Seth pinning Roman.  Is this an orchestrated campaign to "passively punish" Roman/Joe for staying home and protecting his health vs. appearing at WM 36? Roman's name hasn't appeared on WWE TV in almost 2 months.

A few people have said this and I don’t get your reasoning.  How would it be a punishment when they didn’t show Roman losing?  I would rather not be shown losing than shown losing, wouldn’t you?  Seth has beaten Brock for the Title, so that clip worked in WWE logic.  Plus, why show the guy who you were going to put the other Title on losing to Seth?  I wouldn’t do that.  I also wouldn’t be talking about him on TV when he isn’t coming back any time soon, especially given they never explained why he was missing WrestleMania.  That would be counter productive.  It makes more sense to have him come back as a surprise when he is ready.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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